07 February 2012

DIY Valentine Decor Week - Day 2: Fun With Ombre and a Banner

I'm loving the ombre craze much like everyone else. Whether it's hair, fabric, makeup, etc, ombre is everywhere these days. I decided to implement this popular trend with a little DIY Valentine art.

I picked up these Martha Stewart paints from Michael's for $1.99 each.

I also picked up two 8x10 canvases.
With the first canvas I did a simple brush stroke design.

I kind of love this canvas considering how simple the design. I also may create more art like this with different colors for different rooms in the house (I'm thinking master bathroom art, but in a larger scale)

For the second canvas I used the same ombre color effect, but did free-hand hearts instead.

Now the banner is super easy to make. I purchased a sheet of gray scrap book craft paper that was on clearance for something like $.20 per sheet. I also used the white Martha Stewart craft paint that I purchased with the other paints above. To hang, I picked up soem jute rope at AC Moore a few weeks back along with some clothespin clips from Michael's.

Using the craft paper, I cut out triangles. I used a template that I made using scrap paper so that the triangles would all be the same shape and size. I made as many as I had letters to make, which was 6 for me since I was doing the phrase "BE MINE."

Once the triangles were cut out, I used my craft paint and a super thin brush to paint a letter on each triangle, spelling out my Valentine message.     

I don't have a before picture of these clips, but I purchased a pack of 6, each adorned with a varying, busy pattern on the heart. I wasn't crazy about the patterns, so instead I decided to carry my ombre theme and paint over the designs and have clean, solid colored hearts. I lucked out that the pack of clips came with 6 and the was the exact number of letters I had for my banner.

Next I measured my twine against the length of the shelf where I decided to hang my banner and added a few inches so the twine would hand around the edge of the shelf on each end. The last step was clipping each letter to the twine using my mini ombre clothespins.

I also have this simple mason jar decoration on the dining room shelf with the LOVE letters I made using my faux zinc letter tutorial. To put this decor together I just used an old mason jar I already owned and these glitter hearts-on-a-stick that I purchased last year from Christmas Tree Shop at $1.99 for a pack of 6. How's that for a quick and cheap decoration? I'm all about using what you have.

Coming up tomorrow: Valentine heart garland.

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