02 April 2010

Post-Wedding To-Do

It is official. I am getting married six weeks from tomorrow. And I'm already planning on what to do with my free time once we return from the honeymoon. We've been engaged for about 13 months and for the past 8 or 9 I have had a looming wedding to-do list in the back of my head. I'm kind of looking forward to the feeling of having nothing that needs to be done.

Here is my list of summer 2010 house projects that I hope to accomplish:
  • Sand and repaint dining room furniture. We were given this furniture by my in-laws when I bought the house. It's a gorgeous honey colored wood and I love the style of it and it comes with a bench for one side! However I would like to repaint it white and sand some weathered look into it.
  • Laundry room - striped walls or bead board wallpaper. Still undecided
  • Repaint wall behind bed in master bedroom. We did three neutral walls with one bold, dark blue accent wall last summer and I have yet to find what to hang on the walls or what bedding to use to make it look right. I gave up and decided to make it the same color as the other three and work from there.
  • Repaint dining room. The dining room is currently a bright, rich green with white crown molding at the top and baseboard. I loved it for the first two years of living here, but now I am ready for a more sophisticated change. Hence, painting the honey wood colored furniture.
  • Outside. I have put this off for the past two summers, but I'm ready to tackle outside. We live in a tiny townhouse, so lawn is not a huge issue. We just have a small patch of grass right outside our walk out basement. But we do have a second story deck off our family room that overlooks the gorgeous white clay creek as well as a patio underneath the deck. I am ready to test out my green thumb and take a stab at trying to keep some plants alive. I also survived hosting my first family BBQ at our home a few weeks ago and I realized I need to jazz up the deck a bit. We pretty much have a table and some chair, but that's about it.
I think this is plenty for now. It's not even summer yet and I'm sure this list with change and grow. But for now I have a three day weekend ahead of me and lots of cleaning to do!

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