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04 March 2013

Inspired by Color: Emerald

I recently stumbled across pictures of this dresser on Pinterest and fell in love with the combination of emerald green, gold and black with a splash of pink.

I've been itching to add some emerald into our home since I learned it was the Pantone Color of 2013. These photos have finally given me the motivation I needed to go out and buy some paint last week. I have a plan to fix up one of our already owned pieces, but you will have to wait to see which one.

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12 December 2012

Emerald: Pantone Color of 2013

Have you all heard by now? Emerald is the Pantone choice for the color of 2013. This announcement crept up on me as I've still been in coral/tangerine mode from 2012. I have to admit I am thrilled with this color choice. Emerald is such a gorgeous, rich color and I am really looking forward to incorporating it in both my personal style and in our home. I've already taken a slight spin in a few plans I've been putting together for our house, hoping to add a little green into the mix. I've been on such a gold kick lately and emerald compliments that color so well. Plus I'm lucking out that emerald looks great with dark locks as shown in the below photo. (Hint, hint to anyone Christmas shopping for me. Emerald all the way!)

Here are my top 10 favorite emerald pieces I've been seeing around the web.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

27 August 2012

Inspired by Color: Navy and White

I'm not normally a 'blue person'. Whether it be in clothes or home decor, blue was a color that never appealed to me.. until now. Lately I've been craving navy blue. I find myself looking at items when shopping and mentally picking the blue color option. I keep trying to find a way to incorporate some navy into our home without having to do a complete overhaul on one of our rooms. I'm itching to freshen up our guest bathroom and figure that swapping out some linens and adding a few blue accents (without paying an arm and a leg) might satisfy my need for navy.

Here are some of my favorite blues I've been seeing lately. 
I even purchased a few. Can you guess which ones?
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