17 September 2014

Meet Goldie

Meet Goldie. 

Lucy's new dolly, handmade by me. I know, I can't believe it either. I actually made a doll from scratch using scrap fabric. I truly love working on our house and it's definitely been keeping me very busy, but I've been itching for a good DIY project. Recently I decided to finally take my grandmother's old sewing machine out of the box and reteach myself how to sew. I've had it for years and never had the courage to try to remember what I learned in high school. My grandmother passed away in April just after Mila was born and never had the chance to meet our little bean. Lucy's so young I'm afraid she won't remember much about her, so I want to give the girls something to remember my grandmother. A few weeks ago during one of my Sunday visits to my grandfather, I took home a dozen of my grandmother's sundresses. She always wore these dresses in tons of different bright, printed fabrics. I love them and they remind me of her so much. Since the dresses themselves are too big for me to wear, I wanted to use the fabric and make something that would remind me of my Beebah. 

Before actually bringing scissors to the sundresses, I wanted to make a few test dolls. This doll is actually made of scrap fabric I had with my craft supplies leftover from previous projects. I sort of self taught myself how to make this after googling a few ragdoll tutorials and tweaking them a bit. I made templates for the body itself, but sort of made up the dress as I sewed. I hope I can recreate it!

The striped fabric was leftover from a chair I reupholstered 2 years ago. The pom pom fringe was going to be used for curtains in Mila's room until I scrapped that idea. The legs are leftover from when I attempted to make a window for Lucy's skylight in her old nursery (oh that was a flop). The hair is yarn and her headband and belt are leftover from last year's New Year's Eve hats Lucy and I made. The only items I actually purchased were the fabric for the body and the stuffing.

After two bad 'test' dolls, this doll took me two days to make. There are still a handful of things I would change or do better, but I'm learning so I can make more.

Lucy loves her new Goldie doll. She was so excited while I made it that she asked me constantly, 'Is my dolly ready yet?

Have you tackled any good DIY projects lately? With this one down, I'm ready for more.

16 September 2014

New Living Room Rug

Remember when I shared with you all the great deal I scored on a rug during the huge Labor Day sale from Rugs USA? Well it finally arrived! Our rug is here and I'm in love.

As a refresher, we had a simple ivory rug from Target sitting behind our leather couch in the living room. 

The reason for the placement of this rug is that it's a spot where Lucy will bring out her toys or we will have Mila lie down on her play mat or roll around for tummy time. The Target rug was fine aesthetically, but it wasn't soft at all. I had no plans to buy a rug in the near future, but once I caught the insane 70% off sale, I couldn't resist.

Once it arrived and I put the rug down, I was hooked. It looks so great there, and much better than the plain ivory rug. Even better? It's the softest rug. (Seriously I'm sitting on the rug with the girls as I write this.)

The simple design of the rug works well with the style of our living room.

I'm thinking about purchasing two poufs for behind the couch to fill some empty space and make the back of the couch look more welcoming from the front door. 

I love the new Threshold poufs from Target (photoshopped below), but at $50 a piece I'm not ready to dive in and buy them. This stay at home mama needs a sale!

The rest of the room is slowly falling into place.

This set up below is still a temporary one as is the wall with the mirror and dresser. 

While I adore the vintage dresser I scored as a bar for our previous house, it just doesn't fit in our living room and takes up too much space on that wall. You can't tell very well from the photos, but there is a tight space between the dresser and the corner of the leather couch. 

Ideally I'm looking to find a great console table to replace the dresser and hold the three striped baskets full of toys. I'd like to also eventually move the toy box from under the gallery wall, but have yet to decide what to do in that space (or where to relocate the toy box). 

For now, it's time to roll around our super soft rug with this sweet face.

Did any of your take advantage of the great Labor Day sale?

15 September 2014

New Blog Design & First Day of School

As you probably noticed, I put my HTML skills to the test this weekend (with the help of my brother and some late night SOS texts) and updated the blog layout. It's not finished and still needs some tweaking, but I'm loving the fresh look. 

We had a busy weekend traveling away for a wedding (Congrats Matt and Jess!) so there wasn't much time devoted to blog prep. Since we just finished up the first full week of preschool, I thought it fitting to share some first day of school photos of our Lucybug.  

Of course her friends had to be in the photo with her. The Toy Story crew never leaves her side. Jessie is the favorite. TS2 also gets watched every single day in our house.

We were so proud of our big (little) girl and how great she did for her first day of school. We were nervous about dropping her off and leaving, but not a single tear was shed. She was a little nervous in the beginning and has been bit shy this first week, but she did great. 

I am really looking forward to this year of school and all the fun adventures and experiences it brings.

11 September 2014

Target Did it AGAIN

Sooo.. has anyone else seen the newest Target Threshold items? Seriously, my wallet is crying. I stumbled across them last week when I needed to take a quick trip to Target (So what if I need to take 10 'quick' trips to Target each week?). Then I found the aisle... with the new seasonal items. And I almost died and went to heaven. Gold, charcoal and wood heaven. Really, these may be my favorite of the Threshold items to date. (There is also a rug that matches the charcoal/white pouf as well as a charcoal version of that rope basket.)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

It took a lot of self control not to snatch two of those gold lamps for our nightstands, that wooden tray for our new coffee table, two of those poufs for our living room, that table for who knows where (I'd find a spot), and those rope baskets in both colors. I'll admit I did buy one thing... ok, ok I bought two. I only took photos of one.

I've thought about putting a bench in that spot for some time, but because of the shape and slope of the wall, most benches are too large. For the past 4 months we've had a baby swing right there anyway, but over the last few weeks Mila has shown no interest in using it. We decided to finally move it out of the way. Since that part of the room is the first thing guests see when they enter the front door, I wanted something more attractive than a baby swing to be there. The bench itself is small, which is why I pushed it to the right and put the taller vase there to balance out the shape of the wall. I will most likely find something else in it's place or replace the flowers with simple branches. Something about the set up doesn't look right to me. Even being small, that bench is the perfect size for someone to plop down to watch the kids play on the rug without having to actually crawl on the floor. 

Speaking of, I am still waiting on our new rug (it finally shipped!) to arrive. I am also on a constant hunt for a new console table to replace our vintage dresser and help finish out our living room. Each piece we add makes it feel that much more complete.

In addition to the bench, I also bought a small accent rug in the same color and design as the floor pouf for our powder room. For $14.99 I couldn't resist. That and the rug we've had in the powder room is so thick the door won't go over it, and we really like that door to be able to close from time to time.  

Have you grabbed your keys, yet? I need to go clean something so I don't head over to Target again.

09 September 2014

Laundry Room Art - Opinions Wanted!

When I first became a homeowner, I knew nothing about art and wall decor. Over the years I've decorated our house with a lot of DIY type art (painted canvases, painted wood, framed napkins, etc) as well as personal photos, but never felt comfortable enough to purchase anything. I've recently begun to explore different artists, photographers, and prints and am slowly starting to add some legitimate art to our house.   

As I mentioned in my last laundry room post, I ordered two prints from The Aestate's Beverly Collection. 

I also purchased two 20"x30" frames from Amazon. I chose white because I didn't want the frame to take away from the print and wanted the green to really stand out. I hung them on the laundry room wall over the weekend. 

This is the view from our kitchen. The family room is to the right and powder room to the left. 

My reason for hanging these on this wall was that I wanted something attractive that could be seen from the kitchen when we have company. While it might makes the most sense to use all the wall space in a small laundry room for storage, it didn't want our guests to see a wall of cleaning supplies or laundry equipment when they looked down the hall. I'm sort of hiding the fact that the laundry room is right there. 

I briefly considered putting a door at the entrance of the laundry room since it can be a bit noisy when you're trying to watch TV with the machines running. We nixed that idea for two reasons. First, I didn't want to lose any natural light coming in from the laundry room door (I even thought about a glass door for that reason). The second reason we decided against a door is the vent you see under the prints. If we blocked off the room we would also block one of the main sources of air conditioning and heat from getting to our first floor. 

I also thought about hanging a gallery wall here, but I realized that the photos would be so small it would force our guests to have to walk down the hall into the laundry room to even look at them. With bigger prints they can easily be seen from the kitchen or even when passing through the hall to the powder room. 

Now that these are hung, I'll admit I'm not 100% sure I love it. What do you all think? Is this too much for a laundry room? Do you like the view from the kitchen? I may just be overthinking things as I'm usually never 100% sold on anything.

It's a little difficult to get photos of this tiny room with just natural light, especially considering the overcast days we've been having. It doesn't look this dark in person.

I do love how the green looks against our pale gray walls and how it complements the green in the rug. 

We don't have many other options where these prints could go and I would prefer to keep them downstairs where people can see. My only other thought was possibly side by side on the wall behind our kitchen table in place of the lyric canvas. It would certainly add some color to our kitchen, but I don't know if the wall is too large for them to hang. 

Luckily, the fun thing about art is that it can be moved around whenever you want. These frames they are hung by a simple picture hanger, meaning the wall is a quick and simple repair should we choose to move them.

The print will remain for a while until I decide if I'm sold on that location, but don't be surprised if you see them moving around the house in a few months!