14 April 2014

New House: Lucy's Big Girl Room

Three weeks in and I'm proud to say that we have both girls' rooms finished. First, a tour of Lucy's big girl room. I had been planning this room since before we even found a house. I knew from the beginning that I wanted a mix of patterns and bold accent colors over a neutral pallet. My amazing father-in-law spent two weekends at our house repairing and painting both of the girls' rooms and closets, and I couldn't be happier with the results. 

The paint color is Benjamin Moore's 'Moonshine' and I'm hooked. This color will definitely be a staple in our house.

A quick peek at her room before we moved it. I snapped this during inspection when they still had the staging furniture in place. It's crazy to see how tiny her room looks with the larger, awkwardly placed furniture the staging company used. 

And how it looks now:

I tried to be really smart with the furniture placement. It was important that her room not only be functional, but be a place where Lucy can spend some serious time playing. The play kitchen that I DIYed from two old night stands is still a favorite of hers. 

The two jewelry boxes on the bookshelf were mine as a little girl, along with all the earrings and necklaces inside. Lucy loves to open the jewelry boxes and not only wear the necklaces, but dress her 'friends' (toys) in them, too. 

One of my favorite aspects of Lucy's room is the fact that she has two closets, meaning super storage options.

Her closets before:

And after:

The old wood shelving was ripped out of the left closet and replaced with sturdy wire shelving once the closets were each repainted.

I chose to use the left closet as a place to store Lucy's toys and art supplies. The right closet for her clothes, some shoes and her hamper.

I'll admit it took some adjustment. We had a few nights with many middle of the night wake-ups in a new place, but now that Lucy's room is finally finished and comfortable, she is really enjoying it.

I'll check back later this week with a list of resources. 

09 April 2014

Baby DeMaio Nursery Mood Board

We've officially been in our new house for two weeks. It's crazy to think. The past two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind as we're trying to get as much done as possible (unpacking, painting, new furniture, etc.) before baby #2 comes. Oh and I'm due in 3 weeks! I plan on posting before and after photos as each room progresses over time, probably in phases as I have time between juggling two kiddos and a new house. Be patient with me as I slowly step back into the blog world.

The two rooms Jordan and I both agreed that needed to be done as soon as we moved in were Lucy's room and the nursery. It's important to us that even if the rest of the house is a mess, that our girls be comfortable and their rooms be complete. I'm proud to say that in the past two weeks we have just about finished BOTH rooms. I'll give more details once I have actual photos, but both rooms needed a lot of wall repair, fresh paint on the walls, trim and windows, as well as reinstalling new shelving in all closets (1 large closet in the nursery and 2 in Lucy's room).

Until I have time to snap some photos (hopefully this weekend), I want to at least share with you the mood board I had been creating as I planned the new nursery. If you follow me on instagram you caught a sneak peek into the nursery featuring most of the items below.

The nursery is very simple with soft colors - mostly grey and white with touches of pink and gold. A bit of a contrast to the pinks, yellows, purples, and teals you'll see in Lucy's room. The walls are a soft grey - Benjamin Moore 'Moonshine' - chosen after weeks of trying to decide between 3 greys. I am so happy to say that 'Moonshine' is hands down the perfect pale grey and looks amazing against bold white trim. Expect to see it nearly everywhere in our house. All the pieces above are already in the room, and I plan to add a few more pops of color with some framed art as well as the Cocoa and Hearts painting that was in Lucy's nursery at our old house.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek and know that I'll be back soon with tours of both the nursery and Lucy's 'big girl' room! 

15 March 2014

Quick Update

33 weeks, 2 days.
We move in 12 days. 
Life is crazy and beautiful.
Looking forward to sharing photos of the new house. :)

17 October 2013

Big News for our Family of Three

Things have been very quiet on the blog lately (if anyone is still reading out there!). Life has been a whirlwind and left little to no time for projects and blogging. In August we found a great house and put a bid on it and started the paperwork to purchase, only to find out a week later that it wasn't going to work out. That same night we found out some amazing news.

Our family of three will be expanding to a family of four!

I am now 12 weeks along and due on May 1. We are beyond excited to share this good news (especially Lucy). It was something we had been planning since the beginning of summer, and our little gift came just as we were getting bummed out and fristrated that the house we thought we would be starting a new chapter of our life in wasn't going to happen. We took it as a sign that the house we thought we wanted just wasn't the house for us.
We are now back on the house hunting mission with more motivation than ever. We've had a few potentials finds, but I won't share anything until we actually have something set in stone.

Life is really good in the DeMaio house right now. :)

16 July 2013

Clothes on Display: Tips & Storage Solutions for Small Closets

What's a gal to do when she moves into a place with little to no closet space? Every girl dreams of a house with a spacious walk-in closet, but not every home comes with one. I'm realizing now that I'm pretty lucky to have a townhouse with a walk-in closet. I do realize that I might not be so lucky in our next home. Currently all of my clothes (with the exception of socks and undies) are stored in the walk-in closet in our master bedroom. Jordan uses the dresser along with the large closet in our upstairs hallways for his clothes.

If you don't have a walk-in closet, there are great, unique alternatives to clothing storage. I've really been liking look of the garment rack lately. This type of storage needs to be used wisely to avoid looking cluttered. Pick some staple pieces, or pretty dresses. Keep the hangers clean and uniform. Get rid of those dreaded bright plastic hangers and invest in nice wooden or velvet hangers. You'll be glad you did.

Use brightly colored clothing choices. You don't just have storage, but also pop of color to brighten up a white bedroom. Using the garment rack behind the bed like this doubles as a pretty headboard and a smart use of space.
Select a handful of staple pieces if you prefer to keep the display minimal.
A large mirror helps the garment rack to blend in with your room decor and it won't look like you're just junking up a corner of your bedroom.
If you have the space add a smaller rack for your favorite shoes. This chair works great to display jewels or magazines for when you need a quick outfit inspiration.
Have a neutral color pallete in your bedroom? Easy to keep the flow. Pick neutral pieces to blend into the decor of the space. The white, gray and black pieces in this picture look like they are just another decorative accent in this bright, clean space.

If you prefer not to have your clothes showcased in your bedroom, a spare room or office can double as a dressing space. If you choose to dedicate an entire room you can really have fun with the space like with these framed shopping bags.

Don't like the look of a garment rack or don't want your clothes completely on display? How about finding an old armoir and fixing it up as an in-the-bedroom closet? Glass doors give a tiny peek into the display of pretty garments without looking too cluttered. If you have the space in your bedroom this is a great, clean alternative to the standard dresser. Plus you can pick your prettiest pieces to showcase and tuck the everyday garments into your smaller closet. A shelf at the bottom helps for smaller items like camis or tees.

Do you have a small closet? How do you store your clothes?