01 September 2014

A Sweet Labor Day Deal

Happy Labor Day! Hope you are all enjoying lots of sun, food, family, and maybe a little booze. If you are in the market for a rug but have been dragging your feet (because let's face it, rugs are expensive), I insist you drop everything you're doing and head over to RugsUSA right now. (No, they are not sponsoring this post, I'm honestly just blown away by the deal I got this past Saturday.)  

As usual, my Saturday night routine consisted of scouring Pinterest, Instagram, and my favorite blogs for inspiration and ideas for our home. I came across this image that I had found on Kirsten Krason of House of Jade Interior's Instagram and saved to my camera roll a few weeks ago. How amazing is this living room?

I remember seeing this space and falling completely in love with every detail, especially the rug. I've seen this style of Moroccan shag a number of places before, and it always catches my eye.

For some time now I have wanted to replace the beige rug behind our leather couch in the living room. That rug currently serves as a play area for Lucy since her toy box is nearby and where she often sits while Mila lays on her bug mat. The rug we currently have is a really nice one from Target but it's not very soft for young bums to sit, play, and roll all over, especially once Mila starts crawling. This area in our living room needs some help anyway. It's the most scattered, unfinished part of our living room and yet it's the first area in our house that guests see when they walk through the front door. It's a hub for toys and baby things (although I have something in the works for additional toy storage and a super fun play space.) The Moroccan shag appealed to me as it satisfies my need for neutrals pieces in our living room, but is super soft and still has an elegant look to it. I've seen these rugs a number of places and have toyed with the idea of getting one like this, but never wanted to pay the price. I'm also pretty picky and want a shag where the diamond pattern is very thin. There are many, less expensive versions where the lines are thicker and to me it just doesn't carry the same look. 

I decided to look up some rugs and day dream a bit. Imagine my surprise when I stopped by RugsUSA and saw this amazing promotion:

I didn't let myself get too excited. Whenever I see these promos on a website they are usually limited to only certain styles, and never the ones you want. Again, for fun I looked at the Moroccan Shag rugs until I found the style and look I liked. I decided to pick a size and give the promo code a whirl, figuring it would say my choice wasn't eligible for the promotion. 

I could not believe my eyes when my 5'x7', $546 rug jumped down to $163.80. Sold. I hit 'check out' immediately for fear that the rug would go OOS if I waited more than 2 minutes.

I am thrilled to have scored such an amazing deal that I wanted to make sure I shared it with you all. I'm all about helping out a fellow home decor lover and this promo seems almost too good to be true. Apparently the 70% promo works on all rugs, plus there's an 80% promo for items that are discontinued or on closeout. 

Did you score any great Labor Day deals?

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

31 August 2014

Powder Room Lighting with DecorPlanet

Although it's not at the top of our priority list, we do have plans to eventually update our powder room. It's a room most guests see when they visit our house and it's also the only room left on our first floor that hasn't been repainted (mudroom excluded). Jordan and I have discussed a few times how we would love to replace the traditional style sink/vanity with a more modern one. Unfortunately, we don't have it in our budget right now to give the powder room a complete makeover, but what we can do is start to work on it piece by piece. 

One of the first things I would like to tackle in the powder room is replacing the current light fixture. You can catch a peek of it in the below photo I used when I posted about our new mirror.

The fixture itself is practically brand new. It's in great shape and a very nice fixture; it's just not our taste. Back when we replaced the lights on our first floor, Jordan suggested adding the powder room to the list of rooms. I brushed it off as I wasn't sure what we were going to do with the room and didn't want to make any decisions yet. I will say that once we started replacing the lights in our kitchen, laundry and hallway (you can read more about that here), the house started to feel more modern and more 'us'. I've said this before, but I'm a true believe that if you aren't in the place for a complete renovation, a few tweaks in paint or accent pieces can make a world of difference to a room. 

I recently started scouring DecorPlanet for some ideas of what type of light fixture we'd want in our powder room. Whether you're planning an entire bathroom renovation or just want to update a few accents like lighting and fixtures, DecorPlanet is a one stop shop for all things bathroom.

DecorPlanet has a great selection of lights and it was hard to narrow them down to just one. There are great options and we'd have to decide which route we want to take - keeping with the flush mount, adding some dimension with a pendant, or really change things up and install sconces.  

I chose a few of my favorites from their website to share.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 

Of the sconces, #1 is my top choice. Given the mirror I hung a few months back, we might not have the space to install sconces. If we stick with a flush mount, I think #4 would be a great option. It's modern, but also has a more elegant look to complement the style of the frameless mirror. My favorite of the pendants has to be #9. I love the industrial look and it would go well with the more rustic style sinks with exposed metal legs that I've been drooling over on Pinterest. All the lights are so different from each other that we would need to decide what style we ultimately want for the powder room.

Is there a room you know you need to tackle, but just don't have it in our budget/time to take on? How are you making it feel like your space in the meantime.

This post is kindly brought to you by DecorPlanet.com. All opinions and words are my own.

29 August 2014


Today marks my last day of work at the wine and spirit distributor where I've spent the last 6 and a half years. Since Mila was born and since we've moved, life has been quite a whirlwind. In addition, Jordan has been presented some pretty great opportunities with his company which will alter his schedule over the next few months. On top of all that, Lucy starts school next week. All things combined, we decided it would be best for me to step down and work PT. Since that is not an option at my current employer, I am ending work now in time for preschool to begin and I'm on the hunt for a part time gig. 

While I'm sad to leave my job and all the friends I've made, I'm really looking forward to getting quality time with the girls. Being able to drop Lucy off at school and pick her up is so important to me. Also being there to witness Mila's milestones will be amazing (I missed a handful of them when Lucy was little due to being at work). My mornings won't be so rushed and I won't be running out the door before the girls are even awake. My evenings won't just consist of rushing home from work to a flurry of nursing, dinner, bath time, books and bed. Lucy is so excited and we've been having a mini countdown this week with how many days until mommy is home with her. As I said, I have nothing part time lined up yet, but I'm excited for the opportunities that may come. You may have seen on my Instagram account that I recently applied for a position with Design*Sponge. While I didn't get the position, I did make it to the second round and in the top 10 candidates. That alone is pretty darn exciting for me. 

So what does this mean for the blog? Being home more will also allow me to focus a lot on our house and continue to keep the projects coming (on a much tighter, challenging budget might I add). I'm looking forward to being able to posting better quality, more innovative posts and projects. I have big plans to freshen up the layout and look of the blog, I've even considered shortening or changing up the name a bit. (Nothing definite!)

Thank you to all of you who read this blog on a daily or weekly basis. Look forward to bigger and better things to come! Happy Friday :)

27 August 2014

Styling with Acrylic Photo Blocks

In our previous house I was never one to have a ton of personal photos on display. Not for any particular reason, it just wasn't my taste preference for that space. Since we moved (and since we added a little Mila-bean to our family), I have wanted to have more and more family photos to personalize our home. It's funny how your style and taste changes when you have a fresh blank slate to start decorating. I recently ordered this acrylic photo block from Tiny Prints and have had a blast trying it out in different places in our home. 

The photo I chose for the acrylic block was one from our family photo session we had just over a year ago. While I wanted to use a photo that included our whole family, we only have maybe three photos of the four of us, all of which I already have framed and on display in our house. I still cherish the photos we took with just Lucy that day and like to have a few of them on display as a great memory.

I currently have the photo block on display on our mantle with a few other favorite photos of mine. What I love most about the photo block is that it is so versatile. The block itself is about an inch thick so you don't need to prop it against anything to stand. It's a clean addition to the mix of frames photos already on our mantle. I'm a fan of mixing different sizes, colors and finishes with my frames and this added an additional element with the clear acrylic and compliments the existing frames. 

If you prefer, there are a ton of additional options to add to your block including your family name, a quote and even some colorful decorative accents. I chose to stick with a simple photo only. They also come in 5"x7" and 7"x7" options. Even though it's the smallest photo I think the photo block stands out even more than the two large frames. With the thickness of the acrylic and the lack of frame the photo truly becomes the main focal point without a matte or frame  as a distraction . 

Of course before finding it's home on our mantle I tried a number of different places to put this photo block. 

We get some good light from the french doors in our kitchen so I propped it up on our counter along with a houseplant. It's bold enough that the block could actually stand on its own in a space without needing something to compliment it.

Coffee table styling is always fun. Your guests' eyes will always goes to what is sitting on your coffee table as it becomes the main focal point in a sitting area. I liked the look of the photo block on top of a stack of books and paired with a smaller decorate accent like this little closed container from Anthropologie.  

Because of the thick clear glass, the photo block looked gorgeous on our bright kitchen window sill paired with a few freshly picked flowers in my 'mommy vase' - a birthday gift I received from my mother-in-law specifically for flowers picked by little hands. It's a little hard to tell from this photo but with the natural light coming in through the window, the photo was brighter and bolder than it looked in any other place. 

I also like the idea of using the block as an office desk accent. I tend to have a lot cluttering up my desk and it was nice to use this as a catchall paperweight. Once of my favorite things to do when decorating is use something in a way it might not necessarily have been intended.  I had it holding down some of my very important Gap and Old Navy coupons/reward dollars. Don't want to ever lose those, they are like gold for a mom when it comes to shopping for kid's clothes. 

For now the block will remain on our mantle, but I'm excited at the thought of moving it around the house and using it in different places since it really is so versatile. Eventually once we get new professional photos taken of our family I'll definitely be ordering another one that includes Mila. This one may in turn end up in Lucy's room as I like the idea of her having some memories from when we were a family of three.

When you think of Tiny Prints, do you just think of invitations,cards, etc? Did you know they are expanding with a selection of home decor items, including the most adorable custom pillows? Check out the variety of options for these fun photo blocks as well as the other products Tiny Prints has to offer!

26 August 2014

The Power of Paint - Laundry Room Progress

I had no intentions of tackling any paint projects in the next few weeks, and certainly had no plans to paint a room this past weekend. After my original plans to take a ton of blog photos on Saturday were foiled by a rainy, overcast day (aka not suitable for indoor photos), I started to look at my laundry room and get the itch. The itch to paint. 

I'm one of those strange birds who loves painting a room. (I also have bad design ADD and can't tackle just one room at a time, in case you haven't noticed.) I truly enjoy getting down and dirty with a paint brush. For me, it's the satisfaction of watching a room transform right before your eyes. In my opinion, paint is the base of what makes a room. It completely changes the way you see a room. Remember the before photo of Mila's nursery? You can use any rugs, furniture, pillows, wall art, but a smart paint choice sets the tone of your space. Paint determines not just how the room looks, but how it feels, and that is so important to me. I need our home to feel warm and comfortable. I love a good white wall and have seen so many inspirational homes that use them, but for me in our home it just doesn't feel finished (with the exception of planked walls since that adds dimension). I need the warmth of a painted wall, even if it's a color as light as the one we use in our house (Benjamin Moore 'Moonshine'). If you need a quick change but don't have it in your budget to do a complete room renovation, a gallon of paint will do the trick. Just the contrast of a good color against bright white trim gets my blood pumping. 

Since Jordan was home on Saturday and could entertain the babes, I snuck out to pick up some paint. I arrived about 20 minutes before the shop closed, but the man behind the counter seemed relieved when I knew exactly what I wanted and was a quick, easy customer.

Here's the only 'before' photo I have and this was back in May when we swapped the light fixture in the laundry room. Like the rest of the house the walls were painted a neutral beige.

Even though the space is very small, it still took me a few hours to paint the room as I had to take breaks for dinner, nursing Mila, watching part of a movie with Lucy and bedtime routine. It took next to no time before we had things back together and looking normal again, only better. Instantly the room looked fresher, brighter, even bigger.

While this room hasn't been a huge priority, I've slowly been adding things here and there, piece by piece. I snagged a new ironing board cover from Target over the weekend thanks to some gift cards I received for my birthday. 

This adorable little laundry caddy was a Homegoods find and replaced the wire basket we were using before. 

This little mail/key station was another Target find. We decided to put it in the laundry room since we generally enter the house through the mudroom. Also it's a good place to stash things we want to remember on our way out the door (iPod, coupons, sunglasses, etc).

I recycled this rug from our townhouse. If I remember correctly it was a Pottery Barn find. I love the bold colors against the new gray walls. 

We still desperately need some sort of storage solution in the laundry room, specifically above the washer and dryer, to stash laundry accessories - dryer sheets, stain removers, etc. We've tossed around the idea of building a stained wood counter similar to this one above the appliances. The only issue is that I don't want it to turn into a new place to toss all the junk that sits on them already. I'd prefer some sort of closed storage, but cabinets might look too awkward since the wall is open to one side. Maybe finding a few more caddys like the one from Homegoods or some baskets to stack in a row on the counter.  

Next up for this room is adding some art on the walls. I already ordered a prints off Etsy last week that I hope to hang on the far wall that faces the hallway.

I love the Beverly prints from The Aestate and finally bit the bullet and purchased two of them. I'd like to possibly hang all 4, two on each adjacent wall, but decided to start with two and see how I like them.  I like the idea of seeing them down the hall from the kitchen. 

So while the laundry room isn't a room we're ready to finish right away, just giving it a fresh coat of paint helps keep the flow of our first floor going. It's a quick and easy upgrade that satisfies my need for a little change and makes this a place I might not mind spending a little time doing laundry inside.