04 November 2016

Living Room Tour

Anyone out there? Ok, I've been MIA from here for quite a bit, but the projects at home have not stopped. I have a lot to share with you including a recent project repainting our french doors in the kitchen. I also completely transformed our utility room into an office/craft room/mudroom after we converted our heat to gas and removed the oil tank. Over a year ago I painted our kitchen cabinets and just realized I never shared photos! I'm hoping to do some catch up and share some fun projects with you all again. 

The house is clean and the girls are playing nicely together in the other room so I found this the perfect opportunity to snap some photos of our living room space to share how it currently looks.

My biggest struggle in here has always been styling the fireplace. With all the shelves and nooks it can be overwhelming and cluttered.  I'm not 100% satisfied but I am pretty pleased with how it currently looks. Clearly I'm a fan of vases... It's probably too much, but I've tried mixing up the finishes and they don't bother me. I'm sure next time you see photos this will look different anyway, it always does. 

This is definitely my favorite room in the house. I cannot wait to start snuggling up to some fires this winter. I recently bought that plaid fleece blanket from Target and it has been used a LOT already. It's so soft and warm.

The light that we get in this room from both the windows and french doors is so pretty. These photos don't even do it justice.  

Here is the view towards the front door and stairs. The white closet door is where we hide all the toys you can't see. It's actually a pretty deep closet and stores a lot since it extends under the slant of the steps.

View from the front door.

This table from CB2 is still one of my favorite additions to the room. I bought the wicker mirror a few months ago from Target. I was on the fence about it at first, but now I love it.  The rectangle mirror we had before just didn't fit the space right. The roundness of this one fills the space perfectly.

The only thing planned next for this room is painting the window frames (currently brown wood) a black color (similar to this) to mirror the french doors. If you look closely in these photos you'll see the bottom right window has already been done as a test. 

This is the most commonly used space in the house. The girls usually set up camp with their toys or coloring books. They play while I cook, clean or even do some work at the kitchen table. The chairs are usually pulled out and Barbies are usually scattered all over the rug (with Barbie shoes IN the rug). You can't see but the coffee table is covered in water spots and crayon scribbles. It used to bother me, but that's just how it goes with kids.

The bookshelves serve as storage for board games, books and puzzles. The rest of the toys are hidden away in the toy closet. We have baskets tucked in the fireplace and under the bench that hold art supplies, blocks, and other small toys. The bookshelves are from Ikea and we mounted them to the wall for safety. I love that the girls can access their own toys in there.  Between the bookshelves and closet they know where everything belongs and cleanup is usually pretty quick at the end of the day.

There you have it. Our cozy, family friendly living room.

Oh, and to be real. This tent is usually smack dab in the middle of the living room. :)

wall paint - Benjamin Moore "Moonshine"
leather couch - Overstock
coffee table - West Elm
rug - RugsUSA
leather pouf - Etsy (similar)
side chairs - Ikea
floor lamp - Target
console table - CB2
wicker mirror - Target
gray velvet pillows - Pottery Barn
gray pom pillow - Marshalls
white pillow - Anthropologie
grey/white throw - Target
wicker side table - Target
bench - Target
bookshelves - Ikea
floor baskets with handles - Marshalls (similar)
coffee table tray - Target
table lanterns - Pottery Barn
hammered vases - Target
mercury glass vases - TJ Maxx
wood/chrome vase - Target
seagrass vase - TJ Maxx
snake plant vase - Marshalls
framed city prints - Etsy

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