21 December 2016

Lucy's Room Updated

To try and ease myself back into blogging I'm continuing the room tours showing how our house has evolved since moving in two and a half years ago. We have done a lot of work so far, with a decent amount still planned. Since moving in we have successfully repainted every room in the house with the exception of the fourth bedroom. That final room is our winter project, and it's going to be a good one! 

Today I'm sharing how Lucy's room now looks since I last took some photos. It definitely has changed a bit with some furniture swaps and fresh wall art. 

For a more dramatic comparison, her room looked like this before we moved in. Fresh paint and a new layout has helped this room come a long way.

The way the bed was positioned from the corner made the room look so much smaller. We chose to have the furniture against the walls for two reasons. First, we wanted to have one side of the bed against the wall until Lucy was older and less likely to roll out of bed. Also, the girls love to camp out on the floor and play with their toys on the rug so we wanted to maximize play space. As she gets older we will probably move the bed to come out of the wall, but this is the best setup for now.

First thing you may notice is that we took out her dresser. We had a small Ikea Malm dresser for some time, but as Mila grew and began to open drawers we knew it was unsafe and more prone to tipping over. Plus with two closets we really didn't need the additional clothes storage. I was using one of the closets as toy storage, but Lucy never went in there for toys so it seemed a bit of a waste. We returned the Malm to Ikea (they will refund you if you have one!), used the second closet for her clothes and flipped her bookshelf down. This gave us better accessible storage for books and toys.

Our girl loves reading and books have quickly been taking up more and more space in the bookshelves. 

We also have her High Five mags, storage cubes with puzzles and small toys, as well as binders filled with school projects from preschool. She pulls those binders out once a week and loves to flip through and remember the different things she did the past few years at her old school.

Flipping the bookshelf down also provided a place to put hair bows, her jewelry box, brushes and other things at her reach. Keeping things where she can access has helped groom her independence when it comes to getting ready each day and at bedtime.

My favorite part of her room is still her art wall. Between school and home we have new masterpieces almost daily. I try to switch out the hanging pieces as often as I remember. I love the bright colors in that little nook.

The play kitchen I made for her a few years ago is still in her room, although Mila plays with it much more than Lucy. I've been unsuccessfully trying to convince Lucy to let us move it into Mila's room since we've been making a lot of changes in there as well (photos coming soon).  I may be able to convince her after a few Christmas presents arrive to take it's place. :) 

Stuffed animals are one thing we can't seem to escape. Every few weeks I sneak some older, unused ones out of the house and donate them. The favorites that still get a lot of love and play time are kept in a metal basket at the foot of Lucy's bed. We also have some large ones that are kept in her closet. 

Lucy's bedding is pretty simple, just sheets and a fleece blanket. We've tried comforters, but she gets too hot when sleeping and ends up kicking them off, so they're pretty pointless. 

The canvas prints above her bed were made from family photos we took last Spring. Those photos are such perfect representations of our girl. I'll be honest, I can't remember which company I used, but I do know I waited until they had a super discounted canvas sale. 

For me, the most important thing when it came to designing Lucy's room was to make a place where she was comfortable and wanted to spend time. I love that on weekend mornings she will quietly play in her room before the rest of us wake up. 

bed - Pottery Barn Kids
flamingo sheets - Martha Stewart
euro pillow - Anthropologie
purple velvet pillow - Etsy
stuffed unicorn - PB Kids
pom pom blanket - Target (similar and similar)
rug - eCarpet Gallery (similar)
cube storage - Ikea, discontinued (similar)
lamp - Target
fabric storage cubes - Target
LJD sign - DIY gift
jewelry box - PB kids
art display wire - Ikea
art frame - Ikea and Target
fur pouf - Target
lucy wall letters - Anthropologie
Audrey Hepburn prints - Etsy 
frames - Target
window blinds - Lowes
play kitchen - DIY
white side table - Ikea
small lamp - Ikea
wire stuffed animal basket - Target
full length mirror - Ikea
frameless mirror - Anthropologie (similar)
closet knobs - Anthropologie (similar)
'L' hook - Anthropologie, discontinued (similar)

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us! I always love to see what new project you are working on. I love looking back at your posts to get ideas and inspiration for my home. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas! :)