16 September 2014

New Living Room Rug

Remember when I shared with you all the great deal I scored on a rug during the huge Labor Day sale from Rugs USA? Well it finally arrived! Our rug is here and I'm in love.

As a refresher, we had a simple ivory rug from Target sitting behind our leather couch in the living room. 

The reason for the placement of this rug is that it's a spot where Lucy will bring out her toys or we will have Mila lie down on her play mat or roll around for tummy time. The Target rug was fine aesthetically, but it wasn't soft at all. I had no plans to buy a rug in the near future, but once I caught the insane 70% off sale, I couldn't resist.

Once it arrived and I put the rug down, I was hooked. It looks so great there, and much better than the plain ivory rug. Even better? It's the softest rug. (Seriously I'm sitting on the rug with the girls as I write this.)

The simple design of the rug works well with the style of our living room.

I'm thinking about purchasing two poufs for behind the couch to fill some empty space and make the back of the couch look more welcoming from the front door. 

I love the new Threshold poufs from Target (photoshopped below), but at $50 a piece I'm not ready to dive in and buy them. This stay at home mama needs a sale!

The rest of the room is slowly falling into place.

This set up below is still a temporary one as is the wall with the mirror and dresser. 

While I adore the vintage dresser I scored as a bar for our previous house, it just doesn't fit in our living room and takes up too much space on that wall. You can't tell very well from the photos, but there is a tight space between the dresser and the corner of the leather couch. 

Ideally I'm looking to find a great console table to replace the dresser and hold the three striped baskets full of toys. I'd like to also eventually move the toy box from under the gallery wall, but have yet to decide what to do in that space (or where to relocate the toy box). 

For now, it's time to roll around our super soft rug with this sweet face.

Did any of your take advantage of the great Labor Day sale?

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