10 March 2011


I can be a very detail oriented person. When it comes to anything, the smallest things that might not matter or may go unnoticed by others really matter to me. It drives Jordan nuts sometimes that I am so picky or that it takes me so long to make the simplest decision. In the end I am usually very satisfied with my decision and it was worth the time it took to make that choice.

When wedding planning every detail down to the thickness of ribbon on the favors, or the exact shade of green for the table runners was scrutinized and carefully selected by me. There were times when I would take so long to make a decision or change my mind so many times, even my mom would tell me "no one will notice but you." But so me, that was enough to matter.

In the end, I wouldn't change a thing. I am so glad I took my time making every tiny decision because it all turned out exactly how I imagined. It was so worth it to me to hear the compliments on our wedding day about how beautiful everything was. A friend of mine even commented that the font on the menus (that I designed and printed myself) was 'so Jess.' I knew that even if only one or two guests took note of a certain detail, I was satisfied.  

Why ramble on about the importance of details? Because I made a small change in the nursery this evening. This is how the closet in the nursery looked on Saturday.

Last night, I purchased new knobs and replaced the boring wooden ones with the fun, girly alternative. Here are the knobs I chose from:

sorry for the crappy iphone quality picture

I initially went to Anthropologie ready to buy the second knob. After searching on their website, I had my mind set that that was the perfect knob for the closet door. Once I got to the store, however, I was suddenly indecisive. The second knob started to look a little to abstract and cartoon-like. The rose was very pretty, but seemed too antique for my tastes. I narrowed the choices to #1 and #3. After walking the store for a few minutes I finally made my decision.

Tada! We have a winner:

I chose this knob because it was more youthful than the others. And in the end, that's the point of a little girl's room, right? The first knob was much larger which I really liked, but I wasn't sold on the gold detailing. Especially since all the hardware in the room already is nickel. 

See why I love details so much? The smallest change can make a great difference.
Sorry for the dark pictures. Rainy day today!

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