30 March 2011

Favorite Things

Here are a few things I'm digging right now.

Anthropologie monogram earrings
I thought it would be romantic to get one for me and one for Jordan, but since we have the same first initial, I opted for a J and D. (Which is still technically both of our initials.)

Jessica Simpson boots (from Macy's)
I bought these back in the fall, but have only begun to wear then recently. And now I can't stop. The peep toe is getting me ready for a Spring wardrobe. I've paired these with leggings, tights and even bare legs. 

Sinful Colors nail polish in Dream On
I've been wearing this color a lot lately. I think I'm getting Spring Fever (without the Spring weather!) I bought it in a matte finish and love the fact that each coat dries in no time. And for $1.99 at Happy Harry's you can't beat the price. 

Mac Face and Body Foundation
If I'm going out for some errands or brunch with the family and don't feel like packing on the makeup, I usually put on a quick coat of this foundation. It's so incredibly light that it feels (and looks) like you are wearing nothing, while still providing an even coverage to hide red spots and dark circles. 

Neutrogena Hand Cream
This winter has been brutal and this product has been a must for me this season. While it works magic on my hands, I also use it on my lips and even under my eyes (a spot that gets super dry for me). You only need the tiniest bit to coat both your hands, so even in it's small size, this bottle goes a long way.

Burts Bees Honey Lip Balm
Another must have for me this winter as I'm the queen of chapped lips. Sexy, right? I use this stick all day, every day.

Ray Ban Wayfarers
Jordan and I each received a pair as a wedding gift (thanks Ellen and Nick!) and I wear them religiously.

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