17 April 2011

New Floor: Part I

We had our Empire estimate last Saturday for our carpeting and hardwood. As I mentioned before, we are ripping out the carpet in the living room and replacing it with nice hardwood and accent rugs. Since we were having them come out anyway, we decided to tackle a few other areas in the house that we weren't happy with.  About two years ago we had the carpet in our master bedroom, upstairs hallways and stairs ripped out and replaced. When we bought the house 3 years ago, the master bedroom was covered in a dark, cranberry carpet. The upstairs hallway, down the steps, and into the living room was a light berber. We aren't sure how long either had been in the house, but they were both showing signs of wear and tear.

Figuring it was low maintenance and easy to clean, we opted for a light, tight berber carpet. Here are a few shots of that carpet.

It looks nice, right?

When we first had it done, we were thrilled with the result. But in less than two years, the berber quickly wore and began to show signs of distress. Having animals has proven a bad combo when mixed with berber carpet. That and the fact that unfortunately the quality of installation seemed to be lost. 

Needless to say, we were very disappointed within a few months. Seams began to show, corners and edges were fraying, and it began to look just as bad, if not worse than the original berber we replaced. 

Once we decided we were ready to rip out the living room carpet, Jordan said he wanted to do everything at once: living room, steps, hallway and bedroom. We had our estimate last weekend and picked our new flooring. Since we were doing both carpeting and hardwood, we had to schedule separate installations. The hardwood needed to be special ordered, so the carpet was done first. This past Friday, Empire came out and our crappy berber was replaced with pretty, fluffy carpet.

(Excuse our unmade bed. Keeping it real.)

Ahh - we love it! It's so pretty and soft. We keep commenting to each other how great it feels to walk on in bare feet. Also the room immediately feels warmer and more finished. The berber was so low and hard that we didn't realize until we replaced it just how unfinished it made the space feel. 

Not a single seam shows and every edge is clean and perfectly installed. 
We couldn't be happier with the result.

Once the hardwood comes in we will schedule that appointment. I cannot wait to replace that flooring. 

Just for fun, here's a sneak peek at the area rug we chose for the floor in the living room.

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