04 December 2011

Pork Tacos

Happy Monday!
I figured it would be good to start the week off with a yummy recipe.
I mentioned these tacos to you about two weeks ago after Jordan and I had them for dinner.
They have quickly become one of our favorite meals, and very easy to make. You simply stick the pork in the crock pot and let cook all day. All the rest is simply prepping the toppings. 

  • 1 pork loin
  • 1/2 jar of salsa verde
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • pickled red onions
  • avocado
  • cotija cheese
  • cilantro
  • limes
  • flour torillas

Put the pork loin, half the jar of salsa verde and two tablespoons of lime juice into the crock put on low. It takes about 8 hours for the pork to fully cook.

While the pork cooks, you want to prepare the pickled red onions ahead of time.
To make pickled red onions, you simply need one red onion, 8oz apple cider vinegar, and two tablespoons of sugar.

Slice the onion into thin rings. Bring the apple cider vinegar and sugar to a boil in a small sauce. Lower the heat, add the red onions and cover. Once the onions are cooked, transfer them with the juices into a container with a sealable lid. Put immediately into the fridge to 'shock' the onions. 

After about 6 hours in the crock pot, the pork will look like this:

You will want to shred the pork for the remainder of the cook time. Simply take two knives and criss-cross them along the length of the pork to shred the meat. Let cook for two more hours after shredding.

Next, prepare the remaining ingredients: shred the cheese, slice the avocado and limes, and wash the cilantro.

After the pork has finished cooking and all the toppings are prepped, pop the tortillas in the microwave for about a minute to warm them up and you are ready to eat.

These are such an easy recipe to follow.
I love how simple and clean the ingredients are.

Do you have a favorite go-to meal?

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