17 January 2012


What's the proper spelling of the word grey/gray?
I honestly never knew.

While I'm bummed the guest room renovations have temporarily been put on hold as we've been having guests actually stay in it, I'm happy to say that I've been able to focus my energy into other rooms of the house that need some love.

I'm working on actually making our master bedroom and bathroom look a little more finished. Ever since I repainted it a little over a year ago, the bathroom has been a simple white on white with some neutral accents. Because the space is so small, I really do like that the walls are light. It keeps the room from looking like a dungeon and it reflects some of the natural light that comes in from the bedroom windows. That being said, the white on white and neutrals makes the room look unfinished and I'm ready to tackle that problem.

Our bedding for the last two years has also been all white. I purchased a white duvet set from Ikea for about $50 and have been really happy with it, but I'll admit I'm ready for a change. Plus, once the guest room is painted, I plan to relocate the white duvet there to go along with the white and gold scheme.

This is the most recent picture I have of our old bedding. 
I have no recent pictures of our bedroom because we really haven't done much to it, so I avoid taking pictures. Plus these days our bedroom tends to be covered with baby toys, pacifiers, blankets, boppy pillows, etc.

For Christmas my parents bought us this gorgeous bedding from Target.

I purchased the large grey pillows on clearance from Target a few months back. The Missoni blanket has since been relocated in the living room. 

While I only asked her for the sheet set, my mom went ahead and also bought us the duvet cover with matching shams, and I am so glad she did. They actually aren't even part of the same set (at least I don't think they are), but my mom thought it would look great with the sheets I chose.

Jordan and I both agree that this is the softest bedding we've ever slept in. 
Just what we needed - something else to make it hard to get out of bed in the mornings.

For the bathroom, I recently ordered this shower curtain from West Elm, on sale for $31.

I also snagged these beautiful hand towels from Anthropologie last weekend during an impromptu shopping trip at the mall. They were in the clearance room and cost $9.95 for the hand towel and $3.95 for the wash cloth. I bought two of each.

My mom bought us these hand towels for Christmas from Target for the other towel rack in the bathroom. 

I'm not a fan of buying a whole bathroom set where the towels match the shower curtain which matches the rug and the trash can has the same print, and so on. I love the mix and match of the two separate prints paired with the stripes of the shower curtain. It will tie the room together without making it look like an ad from a JC Penney catalogue (no offense to those of you who shop there!)

Jordan and I also have talked about renovating both the master and guest bathrooms and replacing the sinks and mirrors in both rooms. Those are the only things in our house that have not been recently updated and I'm itching to get rid of them in both rooms.

Also part of the plan is to DIY some great wall art for the bathroom.
Wall art seems to be my biggest challenge...

Seriously, how do you spell the word grey/gray???


  1. I believe either spelling is acceptable ;)

  2. Hey Jessica- I wanted to tell you that I love your blog! And, when I was little, I remember being taught that grAy is how American's spell it, and grEy is how Englander's spell it- no idea if that is true or not!

  3. I'm Canadian and I usually spell it GRAY, but, I don't think there is a hard and fast rule! LOVE that shower curtain btw.

  4. Grey is the British/Canadian spelling, gray is the American spelling.

    Your pattern combinations look great! It's not an easy thing to mix prints harmoniously -- well done. :)