24 February 2012

Lucy's 7 Month Milestones

7 months means Lucy is over the halfway point of her first year. It blows my mind every day how fast time is going. While I enjoy watching her grow and learn so much each day, part of me wishes she could stay where she is right now. She is at such a fun age where she is learning to be more independent, really using her voice, recognizing photos and faces, and being such a good cuddle buddy. She's also pretty hilarious, and she knows it.

A few milestones since last month:
- She can pull herself up and stand in her crib. Her legs are still wobbly, she she can hold herself for a good few seconds.
- She hasn't started to crawl yet (which Jordan and I are totally ok with)
- She has been very cuddly lately and loves being held and snuggled all day.
- Reaches out for people when she wants to be picked up or passed to someone else.
- She really plays independently for long periods of time. Given several toys, she rotates and carefully examines each one, tastes each one, and plays a little with each. She is really interactive with toys that light up, make noise, etc. 
- No teeth, yet! I swear I think they're coming soon.
- Still discovering her voice everyday. Still loud (especially at 7am). 
- Is saying more pronounced consanants: ba-ba, da-da, ga-ga and even "thhh" with lots of raspberries
- My in-laws swear she says "hi dada" when they babysit and she sees Jordan's picture at their house. Jordan and I haven't heard her say anything, yet. I can't wait to hear her first word. I don't even care what it is. 

Sunday the 19th not only marked Lucy's 7 month birthday, but it was also her baptism day.

We lucked out with lots of family and friends, gorgeous weather, and a happy baby all day.

We chose our friends Allison and Mark to be Lucy's Godparents, both of which were thrilled and honored. 

And to finish - a shot of our girl standing in her crib!!

I have another bonus blog post coming later today showing you all how to create your own DIY chevron painted canvas. 


  1. Ohmygosh she is so adorable! The time goes so fast, my daughter is almost 4 months. Nice to see all that I have to look forward to in just 3 short months! Everything happens SO quickly.. Oh and I LOVE her baptism dress!