17 February 2012

Pillow Talk

I have noticed a shift in my decor taste from where it was when we first moved in a few years back. I have gone from liking bold colors and detailed patterns to liking a more streamlined, simple and modern style. I'm consciously trying to make our house 'flow' a little better and not have mismatching themes and color schemes room-to-room. I'd also like to take some house tour photos to update the page since I don't think any of the rooms looks the same anymore. 

I've been trying to simplify the decor throughout our house and one area where I am currently focusing on is our living room. I've always struggled with the color scheme (or should I say lack thereof) in that room. We started with bold red walls, but they were repainted after about a year (sorry Jordan...). We now have neutrals walls with dark furniture and a bold white and red area rug. I feel that textiles are crucial in tying a room together and I know that's one area where I've struggled in the room (i.e. curtains and pillows). In the past I tended to toss in a bright colored and patterened pillows (note below the lime green pillow against the red rug. eek!!) that don't necessarily match the room, especially now with a bold color on the floor.

(Again, these pictures are old and the room doesn't exactly look this way anymore.
I plan to update as soon as I make some changes in the room.)

Another challenge is that any colors or theme that I do in the living room spill into the open kitchen, which is adjacent to the living room. The kitchen is already pretty much set with the honey wood cabinets and dark navy backsplash that was put in before we moved in. Someday I will have a bright, white kitchen!

Sometimes when sitting on the couch looking towards the kitchen and rest of the living room, things look a little too busy and dark. The dark obviously has a lot to do with the fact that we've chosen dark furnitire. The busy is due to the bright colored throw pillows, miscellaneous shelf decor, a stack of multi-colored decor books I recently put on the coffee table, blue and yellow coasters that don't match, the list goes on. It also doesn't help that I have a large black painted canvas, even though I love it :)

My first step in streamlining this room is that I need to keep the pillows and other textiles in the room neutral and use the red and white rug as the only 'pop' of color. So I searched to find some new pillows to replace my old and complement the ones I planned to keep. Etsy is my go-to for pillows since I successfully bought three pillow covers for Lucy's room for a great price.

The great thing about Etsy pillows is that you can just purchase pillow covers. This works great for me for two reasons. One, it's cheaper to buy just the cover without the insert. Also, I am able to reuse all my old Ikea pillows and simply swap out the cover for a new one.

After a few days of debating, here are the pillows I settled on for the living room:

These are in addition to a few pillows that I already own and plan to keep.

I was also eyeing up these two but decided not to buy (at least not yet):


I'm really excited about these pillows to get the living room a little more streamlined and 'put together'. I have a few other small tweaks I plan to do in the room, including a DIY coaster project soon to match my new pillows. As always, I'll be keeping you all in the loop. :)

Happy Friday!!!

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