27 March 2012

DIY T-Shirt Scarf

1. Tools: scissors and an old t-shirt (I purchased a bunch at the thrift store).
2. Cut off and discard the hem. Start cutting 1 inch strips from the bottom up.
3. Pull and stretch each strip to create long, thin 'tubing' as the cotton curls.
4. Separate your pieces by size, then double each loop so the seams meet.  
5. Gather together and take a piece of scrap fabric, tie it in a small knot and begin wrapping around the seams.
6. After covering all the seams, tie a knot at the end and tuck it under the wrapping.

A few notes:
- I found that soft t-shirts work better. They stretch nicer and the the loops are less likely to break.
- If your strip does break when stretching, you can just re-tie the seam.
- For a longer scarf, use a larger t-shirt not a small, fitted women's t.
- Shirts with a shape will result in a variety of loop lengths.
- Experiment using shirts with colorful designs or embroidered accents.
- Mix and match colored fabric.


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