26 March 2012

Lucy's 8 Month Milestones

These past 8 months have literally flown by. It seems crazy to think that Lucy is already 8 months old. I feel like she has made so much progress developmentally since last month.

- Eats solid food once per day, usually right before bed. Either rice cereal or some form of organic fruit or vegetable. Majority of her diet is still me.
- One little tooth on the bottom broke through two Saturdays ago.
- Just yesterday she did a mini crawl across the carpet at my brother's house. By mini, I mean just a few little shuffles. That's all we could get out of her.
- She loves to stand and is constantly reaching out to any person/thing that can help her stand up. This girl wants to walk!
- She will hold your hand and 'walk' across the floor.
- Losts of 'da-da,' 'ma-ma,' 'na-na,' 'ba-ba,' 'pa-pa,' etc. Also screams at the top of her lungs.
- Yesterday she was waving back when waved to.
- Recognizes that some things she does get a reaction (like laughter) and will do them for the reaction.
- I weighed her the other day and she came up at 16.8lbs. Not sure how accurate it is as I did the weight myself with and without her and subtract the difference trick.
- Update: Our babygirl officially crawled this morning. My mom just sent me the video!

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