09 March 2012

Seriously, More Spray Paint??

Rounding out the end of another week with yet another post about spray painting. Can you tell that I'm officially hooked? Hooked on gold and hooked on spray painting. I'll admit I've had to curb myself a bit before I spray paint my entire house. There have been a few times that I considered attacking several items with the can of paint, but realized that I'm not Midas and I need to settle down before I turn everything to gold.

This time it all started with a trip to Anthropologie (I feel like I start so many stories with that!). I didn't really have a plan to purchase anything in particular, but I've always been keeping an eye out for some new dishes to replace the white one in the black metal plate rack on the wall in our dining room.

I found these absolutely gorgeous dishes from Anthro. Although I wish I could have a complete set, I only purchased one dinner plate and one salad plate. I really don't need another set of dishes. We don't even use our wedding china.

The rest of the dining room is so neutral and simple that these bright flowers are a pretty pop of color. I love how the flowers look (and probably are) handpainted on each individual dish. Each dinner plate and salad plate are slightly different so you can tell they weren't manufactured prints. Plus I love, love the colors.
Here's a super old picture of that corner of the room for reference:

Black, grey, white, boring.

Once I put my new plates into place, I loved how they looked, but thought that the black iron rack was a bit dark and distracted from the pretty colors in the dishes. I've had gold spray paint on the brain since this project, and then these quickie upgrades, so it didn't take long to decide that I wanted to do the same.

While I was spray painting, I figured I'd tackle another piece in the dinig room that was a bit dark for my liking. This iron candle holder was given to me by my mom when we moved in. She had it in our house growing up and let me take it with me when I moved out. I've had it on the dining room wall pretty much since we've been in the house.

Two fresh coats of gold spray paint later:


What a difference! Here's a shot of my 'new' dish rack with my other fun colored Anthro dishes. Of course I'm itching to buy even more to add to the dining room. Maybe one of these days I'll finally purchase a rug..... how many times have I said that?

And here is the 'new' gold candle holder.

Seriously, why didn't I do this sooner??

I am so excited at how much better these two iron pieces look with just a wave of my wand (and by wand I mean can of spray paint) and a few minutes of drying time. Ok, I admit sometimes I walk into my dining room just to look at how great it looks. The gold on the candle holder ties in with the gold on the beverage cart so both pieces look like they belong together in the room.

Spray paint is the easiest and quickest way to do a great looking upgrade for next to no money and in little to no time. I can't believe I'm just now jumping on the spray paint bandwagon.  Of course you all know this won't be the last spray paint project in my house. I'm hoping to do bigger and more complex projects and really push myself with my creativity.

Must. Resist. Spray. Painting. Everything.

This weekend: More pallet fun. Prying the back pieces off and painting that bad boy. Maybe, just maybe getting it hung up, but I make no promises. Poor Jordan has off from work so I'm recruiting him to help me. Such a good hubby.

Happy Friday!! :)

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