29 June 2012

Brainstorming: Lucy's First Birthday

With three weeks until Lucy's first birthday I guess I'm a little late in starting to plan her birthday party. Nonetheless, I'm ready to get my butt into gear.

I've gone back and forth as to what sort of 'theme' I want to do. I thought about Yo Gabba theme (her absolute favorite show), bug theme (the girl loves all things bugs), rainbow theme (fun, whimsical), the list goes on. I ultimately decided to wait until she was old enough to understand and really enjoy a themed birthday. So for now I just plan to put together something simple, fun, and of course mostly DIY'd. The party is going to be at my parents' house because our isn't large enough to accomodate the guest list. That being said, I feel the need to make sure that my parents are doing minimal work since they are being so kind to let us use their house.

While we are still tossing around menu ideas, I'm having fun starting on the decor for the party. I've always been a "no pink" gal. It's just not my color, but after having Lucy I have softened my ways a bit. I'm planning pink in our guest room, afterall. Not necessarily pink, but my plan is to do coral, gray, and a few touches of yellow.

I've been all over the Internet the past few days pinning, saving and bookmarking ideas. Of course, following normal Jess fashion I might do a complete 180 in a week and change the whole plan. But for now, here are a few ideas I'm liking.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

These are all just ideas and things that have caught my eye. In addition to the above decor ideas, I plan to make a banner of photos for each month since Lucy's birth. And some sort of crown or hat for her to wear (until she take it off in .2 seconds).  I'd like to display some of her small new born clothes (like what she wore home from the hospital) and a few more 'baby' themed items. I have more ideas jotted on pieces of paper and typed into my phone that I'm even sharing with you all.

At this age our guest list is mostly adults (hence the grownup looking decor scheme), but we do have a few kids in the family so I'd like to get some fun games and activities for them, too.

Lucy and I are venturing out tonight to a few places to start gathering supplies and idea. As always, will keep you posted!!


  1. cant wait to see what you put together! Happy (almost) birthday Lucy!


  2. Good luck with your planning! I started planning/ DIYing about 5 weeks out from Olivia's party & it FLEW by!! Have fun!! :)