21 June 2012

Lucy's 11 Month Milestones

I'm officially that mom who wants to cry at the thought of her baby turning a year old next month. I know I say this each month, but I feel like she is developing so rapidly and her milestones are doubling as each month goes by. A few key ones for this month:

- She is vocalizing so much lately. Her most common words are: Ra-ra (what she calls Lyla), Quack Quack (when she sees ducks in toys or books. Sounds like "qak-qak."), Da-da-da-da all over the place. Not quite sure if she relates Da-da to Jordan as she has called my mom Da-da a few times. She likes to hold her toy phone (or one of ours) up to her ear and it sounds like she says "who's that?" She also points a lot and says what sounds like "what's that?" so we always respond and tell her what she's pointing to.

- Lucy is trying so hard to walk. Lately she has been 'climbing' up my legs and leaning back on me to stand up without holding onto something. She also walks around using her walker toy as a guide. She stands any chance she gets.

- Her diet is growing each week. She had her first spaghetti, gelato and funnel cake this past week as some local festivals. She loved them all, although she didn't sleep that well that week. We've also been give her a lot more solids during the day and mixing the pouches (like in the above picture) with her cereal. Once the pouches are 'empty' enough we let her feed herself with the rest. If we gave her a full pouch it would end up all over herself. Her appetite has been amazing and the only food she has every rejected is green beans. Everything else we try she eats right up.

- Dancing. Anytime there is music, Lucy is dancing and bouncing around. We love that she is taking to music so well since we both come from families who consider music pretty important.

- Lucy has been very cuddly, especially in the mornings. When she first wakes up she is eager to sit up and play and wants nothing to do with sleep. We usually put her show on and she settles in with one of us and will sit contently and watch.

- Her motor skills have been growing as she realizes certain things she does result in things she wants to happen. She has mastered picking up small pieces of food and feeding herself (she even shares and tries to feed us). She also is great with a sippy cup and realizes that she needs to tilt her head back to get the water to come out.

- On the same page she has learned that with her 'Violet' stuffed dog toy, she can make the music start and change by squeezing the foot. She spends car rideswith Violet playing 'around the world' and letting each song play for about 3 seconds before going to the next. She also cracks up most car rides like she's having her own little conversation with Violet.

- I can't say enough just how mild tempered she is. Sure, she has her fussy moments but they are so few and so far between. They are also pretty much all at night when she is tired and just wants to fight sleep. We haven't had one public meltdown to date. When we take her out she sits so contently in her stroller or highchair and is so well behaved, people actually ask if she is always like that. We are proud to say that she is!

There are so many more than I know I'm forgetting. Lucy's personality is really shining and we can't wait to see how much more she develops over the next few months.

And to close with one of our favorite photos of our girls:

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