30 July 2012

Slowly Getting Back into the Groove

We had quite the whirlwind of a weekend. A wedding, a 4 hour drive to the shore (that should have taken less than 2), a day on the beach and a night out on the town. By the time we got home yesterday we were maxed out and indulged in a marathon nap session followed by late night takeout. We are all still a little exhausted today, Lucy included who slept in this morning until my mom came to pick her up at 7:30.

I'm trying to get back into the DIY groove. I have so many projects in my head that I want to start, finish, plan, explore. With Lucy's birthday party behind me I feel like I have a clean slate to really get my butt into gear. Bear with me the next few days as I get my things back in order.

Here is my current to-do list:

- First and foremost, our house is a bit of a catastrophe. Our dining room is filled with leftovers from Lucy's birthday party and I'm making a point to find a night this week and get it cleaned up.
- Sharing a closer look at some of the DIY decor for Lucy's birthday that I'm hoping to transition into her bedroom.
- I've made a few changes in our master bathroom with new goodies from West Elm and I've updated our bedroom a bit with more in the works.
- I need to get back to painting more of these that I'm hoping to build up enough of a collection to open my own Etsy shop. I've also had a few requested custom orders.
- I'm treating myself to this workshop after which I plan to work on some new wall art, including a great quote that I'm itching to frame above our bed.
- We have some furniture to juggle around the guest room and finally get to hanging some things up in that room, painting the inside fo the closet and maybe actually finishing it.
- Finish a share with you a vintage sewing stool that I'm updating for a friend of mine as a housewarming gift. Side note: she moved months ago.. and I started this project months ago. That's how far behind I am.
- Get this blog organized and have a real working DIY page with easy-to-find links to popular projects and tutorials.

We have two more weekends of trips planned out in the month of August which will cut into my only time to work on projects, but I will take advantage of the nights after Lucy goes to bed as well as a stay-cation I have planned for the the week of August 13th.

I promise to be back with some real updates soon :) Happy Monday!!

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