03 September 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I'm pretty sure I've used that title for a post before, but oh well.

I'm a little obsessed with the new mirror I hung in our master bedroom. (And yes, I hung it myself! Which was quite an accomplishment considering how darn heavy the thing was.) There used to be a smaller, more awkwardly sized mirror on the wall before. This simple, frameless mirror makes the space so much more open and refreshing. It's hard to believe it took me this long to realize we needed a different mirror. I bought the mirror online from Lowes and picked it up 20 minutes later on my lunch break. Best part, this mirror only cost me $48.99 (which is funny, considering the website claims it goes for $69.98.

Here's a quick look at how that space used to look with the old mirror.

Seriously, why did I wait so long to switch up the mirror? Such an inexpensive swap, especially considering many other places have the same or similar mirror for over twice the price. There's this $218 version from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Pottery Barn has a floor version a little bigger tan mine for $349.00. I think it's safe to say I won when it comes to price!

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