05 December 2012

DIY Christmas Decor: Snow Globes

I've seen these DIY snow globes made from old mason or food jars all over Pinterest and I remember seeing similar ones at Anthropologie last year. These globes were one of the first decorations I wanted to make when I decided to DIY a lot of our Christmas decor. 

Supplies Used:
- mason or food jars (i used artichoke and salsa)
- distilled water
- glitter
- liquid glycerin
- ornaments for inside globes
- sand paper, crazy glue

The first thing I did was spray paint all of the lids, even the gold mason ones to keep them all the same shade. I also decided to spray paint the deer figurines, but keep the trees green.

You'll want to sand the underside of the lids to make them easier to stick and use the permanent glue to attach the figurines to the inside of the lid. 

Next, use glitter to fill the bottom of the jar with enough to cover the entire bottom and make a nice layer of 'snow'. After that, fill the jar to the top with distilled water and add a few drops of liquid glycerin. I've read that the glycerin helps the glitter not to stick together.

I wanted to make sure my jars would be sealed tightly with no risk of leaking so I put a small layer of super glue on the rim of the lid before attaching it to the jar. 

Last step is to turn over, shake up your snow globes and enjoy!

A few notes:
- I didn't put enough water in the first two jars (the ones on the right). I left some room for the trees, but evidently left too much. I learned my lesson for the last jar (far left). Since I sealed the jars with super glue I couldn't reopen to add more water.
- I forgot to add the glycerin to the first two jars so I'm honestly not sure how crucial that ingredient is. Although I read that it's used to help the glitter spread when shaken, I haven't noticed a big difference.
- After a few days I've noticed that the water is starting to turn a bluish-green color, I'm assuming from the plastic trees. 

I decided to try one with the gold glitter. I love the look except the fact that you can see the layer of gold glitter floating at the top.  I think I might prefer the look of the gold over the white glitter. 


  1. I love it! I think it is so fun to make your own like that. I bet you could try and pry the glue off and redo or reuse them if things get too blue.

  2. Too cute! I wanted to try these as well! They look great.