20 March 2013

Jewels On Display

Jewelry storage can be a tricky thing to tackle. These days necklaces are bigger, earrings more flashy and delicate, and bracelets can be the size of your arm.

I'm personally not a fan of having a large piece of furniture dedicated solely to storing jewerly. I've tried jewelry trees and they just look like a mess to me. Even some of the DIY jewelry displays I've seen around the internet don't seem to satisfy the storage solution I'm looking for. I prefer to keep my jewelry storage a little more simple.

I love the idea of hanging necklaces on the wall. Not only are your most worn pieces easily accessible, but they double as pretty wall art without looking too cluttered.


My necklaces hang on small metal hooks on one of the walls in our bedroom. We previously had our bed against that wall and when we decided to move it between the windows, there was this huge empty space to fill. Limited on storage space in our bathroom and hating to tuck my jewerly into a dark shelf in our closet, I decided to take our sofa table and make a small vanity area to store my accessories. I'll admit I'm tempted to switch up the arrangement a bit in favor of the above styles where the necklaces stand alone spaced out along the wall. For now, I'm pleased with the way my necklaces hang and actually like how they are layered on top of each other.

As far as the rest of my jewelry goes, I honestly only have a small selection of earrings. I rarely wear earrings that aren't my round black studs or gold initial studs. I just can't get on board with large or dangle earrings, I feel like I look awkward in them. My bracelet selection isn't large either as my wrists are so skinny I have to stick to certain styles and fits. I generally wear my gold Michael Kors watch almost every day or a large gold adjustable cuff. All the bracelets I own are stored in the white Pottery Barn jewelry box I received for my birthday two years ago from Jordan.

What are your favorite jewelry storage solutions?

PS. See that sofa table? It's undergoing an emerald makeover! Can't wait to share with you all.


  1. LOVE the way this look! Such a fan having your beauties on display, jewelry, shoes, favorite dresses, you name it.

  2. What a great way to combine fun and function - adore the displays and love the color it adds to the wall. Happy to find and follow your blog today!

  3. I love hanging my jewelry! I have a nice sized closet and my back wall is covered with my hanging necklaces. They never seem to fit inside an actual jewelry box, and this way when I am picking out what to wear, my necklaces are right there to pick as well. I love it! Great post :)