20 June 2014

Mila's Room

It seems like forever ago I posted the mood board for Mila's nursery. Her room was actually finished before she even arrived, I just never took the time to take photos and share the room. When planning her room I had a few specific details I wanted to incorporate, but beyond that I kept the design fairly simple. I don't have shelves of books or toys like I do in Lucy's room. At this point we don't use Mila's room for more than a diaper change and to get her dressed. She sleeps in a bassinet in our room since I'm nursing her at night.

When we moved into our house, Mila's room was bright blue with green stripes. It was staged as a nursery when our house was on the market and the bright wall color along with the way they staged the crib made her room feel so tiny. This was the first room I wanted to tackle as soon as we moved in. Thankfully my father-in-law came over the morning after we moved and got to work repairing, priming, and painting. 

Here's a photo of the room before we moved in:

And this is how Mila's room looks now:

What was done:
- walls repainted Benjamin Moore 'Moonshine'
- new vents installed
- window sills, closet doors, and trim painted semi-gloss white
- wood blinds installed
- closet interior painted, new knobs and shelving installed
- door knob changed from brass to oil rubbed bronze

Both the crib and dresser were part of Lucy's nursery in our old house. They worked so well together, plus with Lucy transitioning to a big girl bed, I opted to pass them down to Mila's room. 

The two zebra prints are my favorite part of this room. They have the Dr. Seuss quote: "Today you are you that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you." I bought the prints from Society6.com. The frames were purchased from a separate website (I can't remember where) and I assembled and framed the prints myself.

The teddy bear was Jordan's when he was a baby.

I bought the butterflies off Etsy back when I was pregnant with Lucy. I had originally planned on using them in her nursery, but scrapped that idea and held onto the butterflies to use later. 

The Moroccan floor pouf was purchased for a steal off Overstock.com (for less than $100 when many of them go for close to $300) and the rug was an Ebay win. I searched long and hard for the perfect vintage rug for her room and fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it. I watched it like a hawk and put my bid in a second before it ended and won!

Mila has a pretty roomy closet, the photo below doesn't do it justice as the closet itself stretches past where the doors end. Imagine both of Lucy's closets combined to make one. That's how large this closet is. 

When we moved in the closet was a mess. Not only was it painted blue like the rest of the room, but the shelving was half installed/falling apart. My father in law removed all the pieces, then installed new wire shelving so we had plenty of space to store clothes, diapers, shoes, blankets, etc.

I'm able to fit so much in that space that I can even store all Lucy's hand-me-down clothes on the floor without cluttering the closet.

While I didn't buy a bunch of toys for Mila to put in her room (Lucy has plenty for both of them), I did want to pick up a few dolls that she could call her own.

One of my favorite details of this room is that her bedroom door is on it's own angled wall between the wall where the closet it and the wall where the dresser is. I feel it brings some character to the shape of the room. 

Once Mila grows bigger and we start using her room more, I see myself making some changes and adding a few more custom pieces as well as some toys and books. For now, this room is just perfect.

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