26 November 2010

Powder Room, Master Bath and DIY $9 Art

We really lucked out that the house was pretty much move-in ready when we bought it. 
Give or take a coat of paint or a new carpet, we really didn't have to do anything to the house. 

Take the powder room for example. Here is what it looked like before moving in:

The husband of the couple who lived in the house before us did tile work for a living. 
And he did a gorgeous job in the bathrooms and kitchen.

I really love the grey, black and white combo so after moving in I barely even touched the powder room. 
Here is what is currently looks like:

As you can see, not too much has changed. 
I did replace the mirror with a black framed piece from Marshalls for about $30-40. 

If you look above the toilet, you will see my cheap DIY $9 art.

I actually stumbled upon the pictures while playing around with clip art. I can't even remember what I was looking for, but a majority of these were listed under "vintage ad" or "playbill." The frames were an easy find at the local dollar store. So with the addition of cardstock and printer ink (both of which I already had), this art was an easy $9 and 1 hour project. 

Speaking of bathrooms, I just finished painting the walls in our master bath. 
I know that I said nothing needed to be done when we moved in the house, but there were a few things I just couldn't leave alone.
Please take a look at the master bath (before moving in):

I didn't take a picture of the second half of the bathroom with the toilet and shower, but you get the idea. 
Not pretty.
This was the first room I tackled painting and took care of immediately after moving in.

When I began the master bath, I didn't really have a plan for the rest of the bedroom and just wanted to get rid of the orange/brown/gray/I don't know what else sponge painted walls. So I started with a light blue color, that ended up looking more purple. 

Much better, right? (Note: I also painted the cabinets)

Since the room turned out more purple than blue, I repainted a few months later and got the light denim-blue I originally wanted. (I don't have a picture of that.)
Well, two years later and the master bedroom put together I have decided that the blue walls no longer match. The master bedroom has dark black-brown furniture, neutral walls and bedding with a splash of teal accents. The teal and denim don't look so good together.

Tonight I just finished the last coats of glossy WHITE on my master bath. I'm not exactly sure what made me choose white. I think partly because the room is so small I wanted it to look spacious. I also get ready in this bathroom and the white walls make it much brighter and makeup application-friendly. I plan to use some bright art and accent pieces to keep it from looking too washed out. I'm currently waiting for it to dry before replacing the towel racks, switch covers, etc so I have no photos, yet.  

I'll reveal the new bathroom tomorrow!

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