21 November 2010

Wedding - A Closer Look

I explained in a previous post where we had gotten our cake topper,
but I want to take a moment to rave about two more favorite pieces to the wedding:
My invitations and "Mrs DeMaio" hanger.

The hanger was another Esty find. 
I visited Esty a lot during wedding planning. There was so much more I wanted to buy and incorporate but didn't want to have too much going on so I narrowed it down to a few.


LilaFrances made the wedding hanger. She offers a number of options ("bride", names, etc) but they are slightly restricted by the number of characters. For example, a heart is considered two characters. I still have my hanger and it hangs on a wall in our our master bedroom next one of our wedding photos and a framed copy of our invitations.  

And now the invitations.
I LOVED my invitations.

I ordered our invitations from The Aerialist Press and worked directly with Alexandra who was an absolute dream. She answered my first email within hours and was always quick with each correspondence. I had complete confidence in her company and couldn't be happier with the results. I spent weeks and weeks researching invitations. I really wanted to have letterpress but every place I found them they were incredibly expensive and I couldn't justify spending that kind of money. I eventually gave myself an ultimatum that I had to decide on invites by end of day when I stumbled across the Aerialist Press website. I can't even remember how I found it, but I couldn't believe she had gorgeous and affordable letterpress invitations. 

I remember having to take two trips to the post office to get them. I showed up too early the first day and they were not ready to be picked up. So bright and early Saturday morning I went to the post office (7am?) and waited in line for it to open. I even teared up as I looked them over because things were finally feeling real.

They were just wrapped perfectly into two boxes with a little note from Alexandra.

I still love them and hope I have some other event in the future to make invitations for!

Oh, and here are a few snapshots I took while making my favors/table numbers. 
As I mentioned in a previous post, I used these to designate food choice as well.

Yes, there were a lot. And they took quite some time to make. 

Under age guests were given a jar of white and green candies. 
Except my flower girl was given a jar of only blue M&Ms. Her favorite. 

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