20 November 2010

Tour de Living Room

While the hubby is still in snoozetown I decided to snap a few photos and give a mini tour of our living room. I'm finally pretty content with the room and may actually leave it alone for a few months (ha, ha).

Here is the room before we even moved in.
I snapped these photos during inspection so I could begin planning asap.

Those vertical blinds still make me shudder.

And as a refresher, here is the room when the walls were red:

And now:

The couch is from Boscovs and I bought it right before moving in. 
Originally $1000.00 but with a 20% off coupon, got it for $800.00
The side and coffee tables are both Ikea.
(you will quickly learn that most of the house is furnished by Ikea)

Here is a closer look at the pillows and throw I bought about three weeks ago.

I think they are the perfect pop of color that I needed after painting over the red.
They are also Lyla-approved if you can see the little blonde hairs all over the black one.

The mirrors above the couch were a Marshalls find.

We originally wanted one long mirror and preferably in a dark wood. We didn't have much lucking finding one that wasn't damaged. When we came across these two babies we  knew they'd look perfect against the red wall. I'm actually really happy with how they look with the new color. (Wall color is Glidden's "Cafe Latte") 

Those curtains are from Ikea, too. However their easy iron-on hem doesn't work so well. 
The hem fell within a few days so I need to sew the hem. TV stand - also Ikea. 
(Hi Lyla!)

This chair and bookcase are to the left of the TV unit. 
The walls ends to the left of the chair as it opens up into our kitchen. 
(We'll tour that room another time.)
The chair was J's (JC Penney I think) and he brought it when we started living together.
The bookcase is Ikea "Markor" collection which we found out has been discontinued!

If you take a closer peek at the bookcase you will see two little wedding pieces.
I've saved a few of my favorite wedding items and scattered them about as little memories. The first are mini champagne bottles that we used as both favors and table markers. Green ribbon indicated chicken and black was beef. I designed the labels myself.

This little knit bride and groom set was an engagement gift made by my cousin.

J is a huge Sox fan (hence the hat) and my wedding colors were originally green and cranberry. I eventually switched to green, black and white. This adorable couple sat on our sweetheart table at our reception.

This side table and chair are to the right of our couch. The chair is actually one of the few pieces left over from the kitchen set my parents had when we grew up. My oldest brother took the rest of the set for one of his apartments. The side table is Ikea and originally was used as a nightstand but I moved it downstairs a few months ago and I think it perfectly fits it's new spot. :)

If you take a peek on the bottle shelf of the side table you will see another wedding memoir. 

This was our cake topper and one of my favorite pieces from the wedding.
I ordered from Cynthia at Red Light Studio.
You can custom make your own based on color, veil style, etc.

Did you notice I also changed the window treatments?

These faux wood blinds were nabbed at Target for an easy $30 or so. 

And of course the wedding photos. One of the biggest reasons for the new color.

That's about it! You've officially had your first mini peek into our home. 
I hope you enjoyed it. :)

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