23 January 2011

Baby Bedding and Glider Indecisiveness

With three more weeks to go until we find out the gender of our little babe, updates to the nursery have temporarily gone on hold. The two next purchases will be a glider/ottoman set, and bedding for the crib.

As a refresher, here is what the nursery looks like now:
I will update the photo as we finally got rid of that Graco box this week. 

I have narrowed my glider/ottoman options down to two sets. 
Both of them are from Babies R Us, but each have their pros and cons. 

Glider Option 1
(Although it's not pictured, this does have a matching ottoman)
This glider is the style and color I am looking for. However, it doesn't have the best reviews. Funny enough when I look at reviews for the same glider but in a different color, the reviews are great. The other downside is that BRU did not have a model of this glider at the store for me to try out. I am a little apprehensive to order a glider that I haven't seen in person.

Glider Option 2
I really love the look of this glider. I also tried it out at BRU it is super comfortable. 
The only negative I have is that it is a little darker than I was looking for. 
I guess I need to choose if that is important enough to make or break my decision. Seeing it in person we were able to note that there is a zipper on the back of this glider which would allow us to take the cover off and toss it in the wash. Big plus.

I just need to sort my priorities with the pros and cons and just and make a decision.

Now for bedding..

As I mentioned before I've become a big fan of http://www.babybedding.com/.
The great thing about this website is that they offer crib bedding sets, as well as the option to mix and match fabrics to create your own custom set. 

Now I'm sure I will change my mind once we find out of we are having a little boy or girl and as more specific options will be available, but here are my top picks:

If it's a boy, I am leaning toward this Retro Owl Set.
Click the above link to see the bedding in a finished room.
I love the shades of blue and brown. I also kinda have a thing for owls. 

If we have a girl, I think this Starling Fabric is so sweet.
Again, click the link to see it in a nursery.
I'm not crazy about the crib skirt for this one and may trade it for a solid colored skirt. 
I'm thinking kiwi green, blue or yellow to match the detail in the little birds.

Well there you have it for any nursery updates so far. Three weeks is a long time for me to keep my decision so be prepared to hear that I've changed my mind a few times. Otherwise I'll let you know what we've chosen!

As with the rest of the house, the constant snow along with the frigid weather has kept hubby and I snuggled up on the couch when we don't have plans with friends and aren't running around doing errands. We are still reviewing options and checking out companies but I anticipate our next big project to be the living room floor. Until we make any moves, I will continue taking pictures and moving on with the house tour.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


  1. Love both gliders you picked out! And those bedding sets are just too cute. You're nursery will be so stylish...now I want to re-do Grayson's! I'm sure my husband will be thrilled when I tell him :o)

  2. I'm having too much fun designing my own bedding on that website. They also have toddler bedding, too, for when Grayson gets his big boy bed. It's a little addictive, though I must warn you.