20 January 2011

I Heart PB

No, not peanut butter.

I have a not-so-secret love affair with Pottery Barn. Every time I pass the store, I can't help but stop in and take a peek. I'm pretty limited to what I can afford, but I'll always take the time to torture myself. I tell Jordan time after time that the day we are rich (ha!) I'm furnishing our entire home with PB. The heavy wood furniture, gorgeous natural fabrics, rustic metal accent pieces, luxurious bedding, perfect baskets for anything, I could go on! I just love Pottery Barn.

Well tonight was no different and as I was perusing the mall I noticed a large "Clearance" sign hanging in the window. Heaven! I went inside to take a peek. As it turns out our local Pottery Barn is closing at the end of the month until April to renovate. Until January 31st, they are having a clearance sale to get rid of everything. All display furniture, rugs, etc are on marked down "As is". Most of the remaining items are on sale with an additional 40% off that sale price. I could easily have spent hours in there and my entire bank account, but I behaved. Now there were a few things not marked down. Their baskets were still full priced along with a number of dining/entertainment pieces. I'm guessing they may be marked down as time goes on.

I ended up purchasing two beauties:

photo courtesy of Restoration Hardware

Ok this isn't the exact easel, but I couldn't get a great photo of it myself. 
It looks almost identical to this one from Restoration Hardware, anyway. 

The easel started at $59. Marked down to $13.97, and with an additional 40% off, it came to a whopping $7.97!

My other find was this great frame:
I love the oversized mat matched with the white metal frame. It holds a 5"x5" photo. I haven't decided where I want to put it yet. It may end up in the babe's room with his/her first picture. 

This bad boy also started at $59 (I could never pay that for a frame!).
It was marked down to $22.99 and after the 40% discount came to $11.97

So in total I spend $19.94 at Pottery Barn. It was a twenty bucks well spent.
There were plenty of other things I could have purchased, but I fought the urge. I'm pretty proud of my ability to not to buy everything I want. There was a time when I would purchase anything that appealed to me without having a plan for it (whether it be a dress that I had nowhere to wear, or a lamp that I have no room for). Lately I actually think through my purchases and have been spending more wisely. 

That being said, I did let myself splurge a little last night.
Here are some other items I bought:

I've been eyeing this sweater at Urban Outfitters for a few weeks now, but didn't want to spend $78 on it. When I saw it on the sale rack for $29.99 I had to grab it. 

I also got this blazer

I've been wanting a blazer for sometime now to wear with dresses or a blouse and leggings. Seeing it for $19.99 on the UO website frustrates me a little as it was on sale, just not that cheap. 

Another great sale (and you should check it out if it's still going). Gap offering $20 off all bags! I took full advantage and purchased two. One was an everyday clutch. I'm tired of carrying a big old purse around and bought a small alternative that has just enough room for my cards, keys and phone. Originally $40, I got it for $20.

Although it's not made to be one, I purchased this in the hopes of using it for a diaper bag:
I'm in love. It's made of vinyl for easy cleanup. Plus it has tons of great compartments to keep things. Originally $59.50, got it for $39.50. Considering most reasonable diapers bags I see range from $75-100 I feel I did pretty well.

I purchased a few other things, but these were my top finds. 
Now go hit up the tail end of these holiday sales before everything is gone!

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  1. Can you be my personal shopper? I seriously love those all those stores, but do not have the $$ to spend on regular price stuff nor the patience to shop for sales.