16 January 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Sunday nights are always a little depressing as it reminds you that the weekend flew by and Monday is creeping up. Although there was only one home-related project completed this weekend, it was still a satisfying one. I spent Saturday afternoon at the mall attempting to find some new clothes to fit my growing body. Although most of the stores are still carrying picked-over winter pieces, I did manage to score this beauty at Anthropologie:

Originally marked $68.00 I got it for only $9.95. Love it.
The remainder of the weekend was spend with the hubby, family and good friends. I got three separate dates with my best friend whom I rarely get to see since we are both so busy, so I'm very happy about that. 

Our one home project was a nursery-related one. We put together the crib! 
As a reminder, here is the nursery before:

Then our progress as of last weekend:

Jordan's dad delivered the crib Saturday morning and we got right to work putting it together. First we needed to clear the desk and junk on top to make room. And by clear the room I mean that we just relocated everything into the guest room:
(Yikes! I need to tackle that this week.)

Once that was done we got to work putting the crib together. It was a pretty easy set up. The trickiest part was decided what height to put the mattress. We opted for the middle setting. We didn't want to go for the highest setting as we don't want an escapee once the little one learns to stand on his/her own. And we weren't sure how low the lowest setting would be. Either way it's an easy fix if the middle doesn't work. After that was set, we added the mattress with mattress pad and we are finished! (Well, for now.)

(Sidenote: I attempted to test out the Lullabelly while Jordan messed with the crib. Upon reading the instructions I found that it works best during the third trimester as the baby won't be able to hear the music for another couple of weeks. Boo!)

Take a look at the room now:

I need to start taking pictures during the day. Ignore the Graco box. Trash pick-up isn't until Thursday and we've temporarily misplaced our duct tape. So we left it on the floor. 

We purchased the Graco Lauren 4-in-1 crib from Walmart. 
I'm really happy with how it looks in the room. Now to pick some bedding and add some color! I've recently been looking around babybedding.com. They have the cutest bedding sets I've seen, plus you can mix-and-match to create your own. I'm having the hardest time deciding what I like best.

Next step for the room is to find a glider. (That and the wicker chair and filing cabinet have to go.) I haven't found what I want yet. I really want an upholstered microfiber or slip-covered glider and ottoman. I'm not a fan of the wooden gliders with cushions attached that seem to be everywhere. I originally found this one from Babies R Us along with a matching ottoman, but after reading the two reviews I'm second guessing the chair. So I am back to looking for more options.

I am planning to move the dresser slightly to the left and put the glider in the corner between the dresser and window.
 There is actually more room along that wall than this picture shows. It won't be as cramped as it may seem. 

Once I have the main furniture pieces down, I can begin adding curtains, artwork, etc. And of course start filling that closet once I know what we are having. Speaking of the closet, I plan to replace the plain white wooden knobs with some fun ones from Anthropologie. 

Another design piece I'm struggling to decide on. Luckily we have plenty of time!

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