27 February 2011

House Tour: Kitchen (Redo)

I posted a kitchen tour a few weeks ago but was never really happy with how the pictures came out. Since I have been getting better with my camera lately, I decided to scrap that post and take a fresh batch of photos to redo the kitchen tour. 

We have an open floor plan from our kitchen into the living room. This is perfect for us when entertaining since we live in a small townhouse and our kitchen is in the middle of the first floor. The downside to this is that there are no windows in the kitchen for any natural light to come in. Fortunately, the open floor plan allows light from the living and dining rooms to creep in. Unfortunately for the must part we still need to turn lights on when in the kitchen. Hence the massive amounts of lighting - recessed, pendant and even under counter lights.

This is pretty much how the kitchen looked upon moving in except for two minor changes. First we repainted the walls that were originally a darker brown-tan. Secondly, I took the doors off two of the cabinets above the sink. I love the look of open cabinetry and after debating it for a year decided to take the plunge one night while the hubby was at work. After shuffling around the dishes and tupperware that I didn't want showing, I am very happy with the results.Other than those two changes, we were fortunate that the kitchen came with the stainless steel appliances, gorgeous tile floor, new cabinetry and custom tile backsplash.

An alternate view from inside the kitchen. Sorry for the poor lighting. Just a side effect of that middle-of-the-house, poor natural lighting thing I was talking about. The door next to the dining room and across from the fridge leads to our basement.

Although I wasn't crazy about the tile backsplash at first, I've really grown to love our kitchen. I was afraid that the blue-grey tiles would keep me restricted in my decor and keep the kitchen looking dark. After throwing in some natural baskets and jute as well as white and teal accents to soften things up, I couldn't have been more wrong.

A few more shots.

If you are wondering about our dishes, they were part of our wedding registry. They are the Sophie Conrad Dinnerware for Portmieron collection in Celadon. We received our dinnerware from Bed, Bath and Beyond, but it is also available at Macy's, and in a variety of other colors. 

I love how each piece is unique with it's perfectly imperfect edges. 

In non-kitchen related news today was an absolutely gorgeous day - both weather and otherwise. Hubby had off from work and we took full advantage by spending some QT with the family and taking time to knock out a few things on our to-do list. The biggest thing we tackled today was starting to paint the nursery. We need to buy another gallon of 'Sharkey Grey' before we add a second coat as I underestimated when I purchased paint for the hallway. Pictures to follow later this week.

Up until today, this was the most progress I had made in the nursery:
Not exactly a decor update, but shopping for my baby girl has become one of the best projects I've taken on for the nursery. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

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