26 February 2011

House Tour: Master Closet

I'm rewarding myself today with a coffee. Ok, it's decaf, but still I've cut coffee out all together so even a cup of decaf is a treat. Today is one of the first Saturdays that I didn't have plans and was been able to spend at home, so I took full advantage.  I woke up around 7am when hubby left for work and began doing things around the house. By 11:30 I was feeling pretty accomplished between cleaning, organizing and taking pictures for the blog.

One of the big projects I did today was clean out and organize my closet. I don't have any sloppy, before pictures pre-organization, but I do have some from before we moved in. My closet needed a lot of work for a few reasons. I needed to go through my clothes and get rid of what I don't wear, relocate what I can't wear this summer due to my growing belly, and move hubby's items into his closet in the hall (more on that later). After I was finished I figured there was no better time to snap a few shots and give you all a tour. 

Of course, let's start with the closet pre-moving in.
Dark wood, white walls and that icky cranberry carpet snuck in from the master bedroom.

Let's take a peek at the closet today:

I have a lot of shoes, but what girl doesn't? I wish I could say that I wore them all.

The best part about a walk-in closet just being able to see all of my clothes at once. The fabrics, colors, patterns, everything is so inviting. Plus it makes choosing what to wear everyday a million times easier since everything is in one place. Other than basics like socks and underwear, everything I wear is in this space. Hubby has the dresser and hall closet for his clothes. He actually volunteered for that closet, so don't think I'm a bad wife.
Dresses, dresses, dresses! Take up the whole left side.

I somewhat organize by cardigans, long sleeves, then short sleeves,

vests and tanks,

and finally skirts.

The built in shelving is not only great for shoe storage, but also for jewelry.

These pieces are actually all vintage jewelry that belong to my grandmother. She gave them to me a few years ago since she has stopped wearing most of her items.

The shelving to the left of my dresses is for bags, clutches, scarves, and belts:
Most of these clutches are thrift store finds that I purchased for $2 and less each.

These are actually the bags that my bedding came in. 
I use them now to hold stockings in one and swimsuits in the other.

One more thing in my closet. See this plastic boxed tucked away in the corner?

It actually holds almost two dozen pairs of vintages gloves, also given to me by my grandmother. Although I haven't worn them, I absolutely love them and refuse to get rid of any.

I mentioned that hubby has his own closet in the hallway. Here is a quick before.

After moving the rest of his clothes and doing a mini-organization project, the closet now looks like this:

Happy Saturday!


  1. I LOVE seeing how other people organize their closets!! I love how your closet could be "shopped!" You can actually see everything! :)

    1. I love looking into places like someone's closet. I actually plan to give mine a fresh coat of neutral paints and reorganize. I'll be sure to share after pics.