23 February 2011

Nursery Mood Board

I've made my first mood board! Actually two, although they are only different by the bedding. These are just my thoughts when it comes to nursery decor. Some items we have already purchased, some we plan to purchase, and others are still just being considered.

The big furniture pieces have already been purchased. We have the IKEA Hemnes dresser, the Graco Lauren convertible crib from Walmart, and just recently the Dorel glider and ottoman from Walmart. I finally picked a glider! I mentioned in a previous post that I had been eyeing up this glider, but the color I wanted was out of stock. Well the other day, during my daily Walmart stalking, I saw they finally had the beige slipcover in stock! So we quickly placed the order for the rocker and glider with beige slipcovers for each. I read that the beige looks more like a cream/white which is exactly what I've been looking for.

Now that the main furniture has been purchased, the next big decision is the bedding. I'm so picky when it comes to things like this that I feel like it takes me forever to decide. I've found two sets that I really like from babybedding.com, but don't hold your breath as I'm likely to change my mind in the next few weeks. (Reference this post about the two gliders I was deciding between - and chose neither!)

The first option features the Love Birds Fabric collection.

Now let me explain a few things because I surprised myself liking this fabric choice. For one thing, I am not a girl=pink type. I scarred myself as a child by begging my parents for a "Dusty Rose" carpet in my bedroom when we built our house (granted I was 7). I was stuck with that pink carpet until I graduated high school and convinced my parents to swap it out for pergo hardwood. 

Another odd thing about this fabric is that I really don't ever lean towards pastel colors. I love neutrals (gray/black/brown/white) or bright colors (teal/yellow/lime green). But I see potential in this set since babybedding.com allows you to customize. For instance, let's take out the two pink fabrics and replace them with lime green to play off the olive tone of the birds. Or even the bright aqua. Here are two options I played around with for this fabric:

Much better right?

Here is my second mood board with a bedding option I showed you before.

This is the Starling Fabric also by babybedding.com. 

This seems more my style with more modern bird decor and brighter colors. Although I do feel that both stripes and polka dots may be a bit much. I pretty much like this set as is. Maybe just tweak a little bit. More like this:

In all honesty I don't know if I'll choose either of these bedding sets, but I'm having fun looking around. The price tag for custom bedding scares me a little and I wonder if I could get away with just ordering the bumper and getting the sheets and crib skirt cheaper somewhere like Target.

As for the rest of the nursery, the Expedit shelving unit and wooden blinds which I've mentioned before are both pretty definite. I can't decide if I want a neutral/gray curtain or a bright green or yellow, but that will be decided once I choose bedding. I love the two little rugs I picked out, both from IKEA.
The room is already carpeted in a light neutral color as seen below. 

I think the Rens sheepskin rug ($24.99) will look adorable in the middle of the floor in front of the crib. The green rug is Ringum and measures 2'4" in diameter, so I was thinking of placing it below the ottoman for the perfect pop of color against the cream slipcover. It comes in a variety of colors, but I'm instantly attracted to the green. The lilac color is also a top choice. For only $9.99 if I decide against it I can easily find a home somewhere else in the house without feeling guilty about the purchase.

There you have it. Although we haven't physically made much progress in the room as of late, I've been planning non-stop and trying to make some serious decisions before I purchase any items on impulse. Jordan has off this Sunday so we have plans to finally paint the room after we go to brunch with my family. I'll be sure to post pictures to show you our progress.


  1. Hello there, I have a question. What is the name of the wall colour in your nursery?
    Maybe I've missed that info before, but I happened to stumble into your blog by accident. =)

    Thank you in advance

  2. The wall is painted Martha Stewart's 'Sharkey Grey' and the stripes are Martha Stewart's 'Lamb.' The picture in this post actually isn't how the nursery looks now. Check out the house tour link on the left to see the walls in the finished nursery. :)