05 February 2011

Nursery Brainstorming

Not much has changed in the nursery since I last updated. Here are a few refresher photos that I finally took in daylight!

 Notice I found a home for my cheapie Pottery Barn frame. I'm thinking of using it for baby's first picture or may hold our next ultrasound photo. 

For the time being we are waiting until we find out what we are having (a week from Tuesday!) before we actually make any more decor purchases. But that hasn't kept me from planning what purchases are next. 

Here are the current items on my shopping list:

Expedit shelving unit from IKEA - $69.99

I had lunch today with a good friend of mine who is also the mommy of a 7 month old little handsome boy. She said a storage piece like this is a must for all the little odds and ends (toys, breast pump supplies, first aid kit, etc). I had been toying with the idea of purchasing one anyway, but after hearing just how convenient it has been for her to have everything stored in one place I decided right away that we need one. As soon as I got home I measured the remaining space in the nursery and concluded that this model is the best fit. It also comes in a few more styles with more and less cubbies. I plan to slide the crib to the right a little and put it between the crib and wall with the window (where the wicker chair is). I will, of course, need to buy baskets. 

Bedtime Bus Roll poster by MySweetPrints - $25

I mentioned in my guest bathroom post how much I love the look of subway sign art. When I stumbled upon the beauty it quickly became a "must have" for the nursery. How adorable is this? Since it's just a print I will need to buy a frame, but that's an easy IKEA find.

I love the look of wooden blinds paired with light colored curtains and I think these would like great in the nursery. Layla from The Lettered Cottage does this look a lot throughout the rooms in her home. Check out her guest bedroom post to see what I'm talking about. 

I checked these blinds out in person last weekend, hoping to buy them and implement the same look into our master bedroom. The problem is that the smaller Lindmon sizes only come in 23" or 31". 23" is too small to cover the glass and 31" is too wide to fit into the deep windowsills that are in our master. But the 31" will fit perfectly with the nursery window. 

Ribba Picture Ledge by IKEA - $19.99

After purchasing one for our master bedroom last weekend and seeing how easy it was for the hubs to hang, this was an easy addition to the list. I'm picturing it hung on the wall above the dresser/changing table to hold brightly colored books. After all, with all these modern neutrals we are planning, we need to incorporate some splashes of color. Don't worry, I won't made the nursery a neutral dungeon.  

Dorel Rocking Chair by Walmart - $169.88

This is the new glider I'm digging. It's the closest I've found to the dream Pottery Barn glider that most bloggers mention they love but would never spend the money on. Once you add the ottoman, plus slipcovers for both it comes to close to $2000! This Walmart version may be too good to be true, of course, as there is no option for the beige slipcover (sold separately for $60) that is shown in the swatch pictures. The slipcover for the ottoman is available in beige, so I know it's an option for the glider, but doesn't seem to be in stock for Walmart. I'm hoping that in time it will be available. Or I need to find another store that sells Dorel. 

Zinc Letters by Anthropologie - $18

I'm still planning to purchase these metal letters either to spell 'Baby' or the little one's name. But for $18 per letter I'm still on the hunt to find a cheaper version, possibly on Etsy. Anyone know any ideas?

There's the shopping list so far. Those items are pretty much definite nursery purchases. Oh, and the hallway paint is finished! Plus, big moves have been made in the master bedroom. Today was a rainy, not camera-friendly day so I didn't get the chance to take any pictures. I'm hoping to snap a few shots tomorrow to update you on both rooms (and the master bath). The master is still a work in progress, but it already looks much better than it did last week. The hallway just needs the collage hung to be finished. Can't wait to show you the progress!

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