03 February 2011

Inspiration: Chalkboard Paint

Jordan and I have both always thought chalkboard paint was such a neat idea. The problem is we don't really have any place to paint with it. The kitchen is of course the first thought when using chalkboard paint. The idea of being able to scribble down a quick grocery list or phone message or even a little love note for the hubby just seems both useful and fun. Added bonus, it's a great tool to occupy little ones. 

Lauren over at Pure Style Home used chalkboard paint to cover up a no-so-hot refrigerator. Such a great, unique idea!

Remodelista shows using chalkboard paint both as a backsplash for kitchen shelving as well as the bottom of an island or breakfast bar. The perfect height for little ones to enjoy.

Behind a kitchen set

A message station

Tara Whitney from Just Be Blogged painted all of her kitchen cabinets in chalkboard paint.

Jordan initially suggested we paint the slim wall on the right side of the breakfast bar where we have the current chalkboard. While the location and size of space is great, with the light-switch, thermostat and outlet (behind chalkboard), there isn't much room left to actually write anything. 

My suggestion was to do the wall where bulletin board and trash can are. Jordan wasn't crazy about that idea and the more that I think of it, the kitchen walls are so sparse that painting the only real wall may be too overwhelming. That paired with the fact that natural light is so limited in our kitchen and the backsplash tile is already a dark color, I could very well end up regretting it. 

If our basement door was flat, we could do something like this one:

Or even this one. I love this pantry.

Our only other solution is to try chalkboard paint somewhere else. Maybe in the little one's room when he/she is old enough to enjoy it. Here are a few more kid-friendly ideas.

I'm accepting the fact that chalkboard paint just might not be in the cards for us in this house. Maybe we will use it in our next house. But a girl can still daydream, right?

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