01 February 2011

Hallway Redo

I have a new project in the works! 

I mentioned in my previous IKEA post that I was planning to purchase new frames for the upstairs hallway collage. Since I haven't shown you all what the hallway looks like take a peek at the before pictures (as of Saturday morning). 

This is the view of the upstairs hallway from the master bedroom. The door to the left is the guest bathroom, and to the right are the steps leading downstairs. Straight ahead is the nursery and the far door on the left is the laundry room. Around the corner from the nursery is the guest room, linen closet, and another closet where Jordan keeps his work clothes. 

This view is from the nursery, giving you a teaser into the master bedroom. But don't worry you will see pictures of that room soon. We plan to rearrange the furniture this week and work in some of the new goodies I purchased at IKEA.

The collage is a mix of wedding photos from both our parents and grandparents. We had these pictures printed and framed for a memory table at our wedding. The photos mean so much to Jordan and me that we wanted to incorporate them into our home after the wedding. This collage was just a quick, temporary solution. I was never really happy with how the pictures seemed to blend into the white walls next to white trim, around the white doors. Paired with the fact that the dollar stores frames look as cheap as they cost, I decided I needed a fix. 

I made the decision to purchase a new set of 4x6 and 5x7 silver Ribba frames from IKEA. Unfortunately I must have put down the two 5x7 frames I picked and only purchased the four 4x6 frames, so I need to take a quick trip back. 

I also chose to paint the walls Martha Stewart's "Sharkey Grey." The same color I used in the dining room. 

I'm sort of in love with this color. It's the perfect taupe-grey that seems to go with anything. If I had the energy I'd paint my entire house this color. Although we originally weren't going to paint the nursery, we just recently decided to do Sharkey Grey in that room, too. 

I began with some of the paint I had leftover as a tester to see if I liked it, and before I knew it I was painting the whole room!

Here is the progress so far. The lighting doesn't give it justice. Check out the dining room post to see how the color looks in natural light. The fact that the sun is down when I get home from work and the crappy rain/snow weather lately I don't have any good lighting to take proper pictures. (Boo! Bring back summer, please.)

Left to right, the nursery, guest room and linen closet. I left all doors closed to better see the contrast of the paint with the trim and doors. Plus the guest room is still a bit in shambles from storing everything we moved from the nursery in there. 

As you can see I ran out of paint! Since I was using leftover from the dining room I didn't even think I'd make it this far.

Tomorrow we have a beer dinner for Jordan's work and won't have a chance to get to Home Depot, but I hope to get paint later this week to cross this little project off the every-growing list and start on the babe's room. 

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