06 February 2011

Hallway Redo - Done! (Well Almost..)

The hallway paint is complete! I must say I'm really happy with it. The color is exactly what I wanted and it finally warms up the space to break the white-on-white trend I had going on before. After a quick (and I swear quick) trip to IKEA this afternoon to pick up more frames and make an exchange I'll be ready to complete the look. 

You might notice a peek into the master bedroom that is different from the previous hallway post. We have moved the furniture and made some good changes. While it's still a work in progress and may be for some time, I'll be back later tonight to share the 'for now' photos. 

While I'm taking pictures this morning, I snapped a shot of the nursery prepping for it's own paint job. 

As I mentioned before, I made a last minute decision to carry the Sharkey Grey color from the hallway into the nursery. It might seem silly to some people to replace a neutral color with a neutral color, but they really are different shades. The current color is more of a tan-yellow neutral, while SG is more of a grey-taupe. 

For now I am off to have brunch with my family, but will be back tonight for more updates. :) Happy Sunday!

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