06 February 2011

Master Bedroom Transformation

Our master bedroom has gone through a handful of phases. Wall colors, carpeting, furniture placement, bedding, wall decor, etc have all constantly changed throughout the 2 and a half years we've had the place. I only have pictures of a few of the various steps, and I'll try to keep things short and simple to avoid confusion. 

Let's start with how the room looked before moving in. The before pictures don't show a great view, but you'll get the idea when you compare.

View from door

View from windows/master bath

View from closet

You can see in the first two pictures the dark cranberry colored carpeting in the room. That was one of the first things to go (along with painting that not-so-hot master bathroom. See this post for more about that). Once the old homeowners removed their furniture there was a very visible u-shaped path in the carpet around the bed that led from the door, to the bathroom and closet. Not pretty. The carpet was replaced with a light neutral berber carpet. A year and a half later, we aren't too happy with that carpet and have plans to replace it once again when we install hardwood downstairs. 

After moving in, we gave three of the walls a coat of Glidden's 'Natural Wicker,' and painted the wall behind the bed (which we put on the wall between the windows and closet) Behr's 'Windsor Haze.'

Hubby loved the dark blue accent wall behind the bed and I did too.. for about a year. It became too dark for me and the next summer I took the afternoon to paint the accent wall 'Natural Wicker' to match the rest of the room. 

Since we have no photos of what the room looked like with the wall, here's a photo of Jordan painting it.

For most of the time we've been in the house, the master bedroom has looked like this:

The cream and red bedding was a temporary fix after the actual bedding we had been using for quite some time was damaged. This was the gorgeous bedding we had from Bed, Bath and Beyond:
The duvet cover is really the only thing that was damaged. There was a decent sized tear in the actual fabric and the applique branches started peeling off. We still have the shams and accent pillows. I'm sure I will find use for all of them.

Although the bedding was warm, the red and beige combo paired with the dark furniture grew old quickly. And a few weeks ago we made the decision to rearrange the furniture and spruce up the fabrics. Here is the master bedroom now:

Keep in mind there is still a lot to be done. But Jordan and I agree that it already looks and feels so much better. Just changing the curtains out for sheers not only brings in tons of light, but it's getting me anxious for spring weather, no matter how long it may be until we actually get some. 

So there you have the quick story of our ever-changing master bedroom. Next up will be a breakdown of the room and find out which of our new IKEA goodies were used here. 

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