21 February 2011

Inspiration: Yellow and Teal

We're projected to get about 5 inches of snow tonight, but I already have Spring on the brain. I'm becoming pretty content with our new bedroom set up (it took some time to get used to) but I'm starting to think it needs a pop of color. I never used to be one to stick with all neutrals even though my house is slowly starting to turn that way. But after a few weeks I'm beginning to think that something is missing. 

I love the splash of color that my teal chair gives the master bathroom

I'm thinking of playing off that color and incorporating some yellow - my favorite color. Don't expect me to be painting a bold teal or yellow wall in our bedroom or anything. I'm past that phase of design after the red living room and the dark blue bedroom walls. But I do want to incorporate some accent pieces. Whether they be pillows and throws, a bold colored frame, a funky lamp, etc. Granted we are short on space to be adding much more into the room, but maybe a few things will be swapped out. 

Check out this great yellow chair

Or these teal curtains

I know myself well enough that if the accent color is too bright I get tired of it easily. I may need to lean more towards a muted version of those colors. Especially in a bedroom where I want the colors to be soft and soothing. Would that be more of an aqua then?

Pillows and throws are an easy upgrade

This bench makes me want to repaint my chair a lighter color and whip out the sand paper.

If I didn't already have too many mirrors, but I could paint the sofa table.

Didn't I just say no more accent walls? I may be eating my own words after seeing this one. Makes me want to steal the white bed from our guest bedroom.

I"m kind of loving these bar stools.

Yellow and white just make me happy.

Ok now my head is spinning with ideas.

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