20 February 2011

Wall of Frustration

Ok, so I feel like I have been slacking big time in the blogging department. Between the excitement of our baby girl news, my lingering two week cold (did you know there's pretty much nothing you can take when you're sick and pregnant except Tylenol?), big changes for hubby at work (No worries, all good changes. Actually, great changes), and a weekend trip to NY for a bridal shower and to visit friends, I feel I've hardly had time to even do a load of laundry. But I'm back and itching for some more home projects.

While giving you a quick tour of our master bedroom, I mentioned the "wall of frustration" - aka the huge wall our bed used to be against that I now am stumped with how to decorate. Well I'm glad to say that I have made some progress.

As a refresher, here is the wall a week ago:

Eek, right? Oddly enough I feel like this picture makes the wall look much bigger than it is. I think because the closet door (to the left of the wall) is closed. When the door is open, a good chunk of the left side is taken up. What you also can't see is that to the right of the sofa table is the dog's bed that pretty much takes up the entire floor space between the window, sofa table and Jordan's nightstand. It has got to go. Besides, since we rearranged the furniture, Lyla has conveniently 'forgotten' she even has her own bed. See her little feet and hiney above?

Here is the space as of today:

I lucked out and was able to use pre-existing holes to hang my necklaces. Yes, those little dinky shelves each used that many nails to hang them up. I put my favorite and most worn pieces along the wall. I have many more necklaces (all costume jewelry-esque) that are currently housed in my closet with the rest of my jewelry. 

The small wooden tray was a salvation army find from last summer. I think it cost $0.75? I'm toying with the idea of giving it a good sanding and painting it a bright color. Either yellow or the teal I used for the chair in the master bathroom. It stores the chunky rings I wear often.

The bowl with my bangles and bracelets was part of a set of two that my aunt gave me as a house warming gift. Believe it or not, they were originally blue and gold metallic, respectively. During an experimental phase with spray paint last summer I gave it a good coat of Heirloom White and have loved the upgrade ever since. I actually can't find the second bowl and think it may have been tossed in with one of our many donation pick-ups in the last few months. 

You all saw the lamp in a previous quick fix post. It was a $5.00 Goodwill lamp that I upgraded with a little twine and a glue gun. After snapping those shots the other day it found a new home on my sofa table in the master bedroom. Speaking of, I don't think I ever mentioned that the table is from IKEA. I don't think they sell it anymore, at least I can't find it on the website.

I love, love, love the mirror. It will most likely be mounted to the wall beside the necklaces once I decide I'm happy with it there. It was a Marshalls find that I bought on a whim, after vowing that I needed to stop buying mirrors with no place to put them. I knew I'd find a place for this one, it just took me a few months. It's actually slightly damaged from falling a few weeks ago, but I think a little wood glue and a few small nails will do the trick. You can't really even see the damage, but the mirror and interior framing is a bit loose. 

This is still a bit of a work in progress (that's my excuse for every room, right?), but I'm already feeling a sense of accomplishment. The bottom shelf of the table needs work. It's holding our Bose stereo that hubby likes to use when he is getting ready. As well as a basket of dog toys - half of which are ratty and desperately need to be tossed. Maybe I'll get to that after this post. 

I still want to find some sort art work or something to hang on the right side of the wall towards the window. Since our closet door is wide open 99% of the time I feel it would be a waste to hang something to the left, unless the wall looks unbalanced. 

Here's another little treat:

FIrst shot of the bump that I've taken for people to see. I have a weird pet peeve about women who take weekly bump growth shots and post them online, but couldn't resist when I saw my reflection in the mirror. The shirt I"m wearing says "Can't Touch This." :)

The other mini upgrade for our bedroom that I'm working on has to do with this shelf above our bed:

I originally had a framed wedding photo, my wedding dress hanger and our framed invitation on the shelf. One day while changing our bedding, the large wedding photo fell on the bed. I've been afraid to put it back every since for fear that it will fall on us in the middle of the night. So now I am working on a new plan for the shelf. You can see I'm playing around with the small candles on the right side. I'm thinking of taking the square ones and doing my glue gun/twine trick and leaving the rounds ones as is. The invite and hanger may stay since they are smaller and will be fine on the shelf. 

The wedding picture is being relocated to another space in our bedroom. Either on the wall in the corner by the bathroom or on the wall space above the wooden chair.  

There you have it. Now I must go. The full washer, dryer and pile of clean clothes on our bed is calling my name. I wasn't kidding when I said I didn't have time to do laundry. 

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