08 February 2011

Master Bedroom: A Closer Look

(For a refresher on the many faces of our master bedroom, check out this post.)

New duvet set and throw from IKEA.

 Wedding memorabilia: our invitation, my wedding dress hanger, photo of us at Gibraltar Gardens. 

My nightstand.

Numbered glasses from Marshalls. 

The picture is of Jordan on the Bermuda beaches - one of my favorite honeymoon photos. 

Hubby's nightstand. The picture on the right is Jordan with his grandfather. The one on the left is a childhood picture of my that Jordan snagged from me when we first started dating. 

My garter belt from the wedding

Accent pillow leftover from previous bedding set. Chair relocated from living room. 
(Don't mind the furniture sliders that are still under the dresser - oops!)

Love my Mongstad mirror from IKEA. A housewarming gift from the hubs.

Our deep window sills which I love, but have yet to find a great way to decorate. As you can see, blinds are not easy to find that fit in this window. I think my best bet are bamboo roman blinds that can be mounted on the ceiling of the window sill. 

This wall slightly frustrates me because I'm not sure what to do with it. I did take the shelves down yesterday since they are too high now that the bed has moved. I'm trying to think of something appealing that takes up a decent amount of the large wall.

It looks like there's enough room to put a small vase or something to the left of the sofa table so it doesn't look lost in the wall space. I really like this Pjas vase from IKEA. It's 35" high but pretty slim front to back. 
I also have a faux weathered wood frame that I bought at Marshalls months ago with no plan for it. I'm thinking of putting the mirror above the table, slightly to the right and using the rest of the wall either for framed photos or hang nails to display my jewelry. Something like Lauren from Pure Style Home did in her bedroom redo.

picture borrowed from Pure Style Home

I'd also love to get a large jewelry box like this one from Pottery Barn to put on top of the sofa table. Or I have some miscellaneous bowls that I could temporarily use to hold bracelets and chunky rings and other costume jewelry pieces. Past my engagement ring and wedding band I really don't put money into good jewelry. I'd rather spend $10 for a piece from F21 or H&M that I can wear any day with anything rather than an expensive bracelet or necklace that I'm afraid to wear for fear that I will lose or break it. 

In addition to jazzing up the wall, I just need to add some art pieces to the room. Specifically the space above the accent chair, and the corner by the bathroom.

Oh and did you notice this door next to the dresser?

It goes to our walk-in closet! One of my favorite rooms in the house. Seriously. But it didn't always look this way. I'll post later how the closet transformed from a dark dungeon to this:

It may be some time before I'm satisfied with this room, specifically our blank wall. But as always I will keep you posted with any and all progress or ideas that come across. Of course, suggestions are welcomed!

PS. Someone thinks this is HER bed..

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