13 February 2011

Marshalls, How I Love Thee

The Marshalls gods were smiling down on me today.

I've been following The Lettered Cottage for about a year now. If you've ever read their blog, you know what I mean when I say I am in love with their kitchen. Layla and Kevin have the perfect DIY style and make everything they do look effortless. One of my favorite parts of their kitchen is the display of herb crates seen here:

I've scoured the internet (apparently along with many TLC fans) in search of these crates. Layla explains that they found them during a trip to Marshalls a few years ago. A few websites do carry them, but I was hesitant to pay almost $40 (+SH) for the set of four. Plus, a number of places I found that carried them were consistently out of stock.

Imagine my surprise (and pure joy) when I stepped foot into Marshalls today and saw these:

I literally jumped for joy, scooped them up and ran to the front of the store for a cart, crates in hand for fear that someone would snag them in the 60 or so seconds it took me to reach the door. There was only one full set available. There was a half set of just the two largest crates so I picked the best of the two sets and went on my way. I was so excited I texted hubby, whom I've showed pictures of this kitchen to a dozen times, but I'm sure he doesn't remember. He told me to settle down and buy them. :)

The reason I said that the Marshalls gods were smiling upon me is that I found these crates in a Marshalls that I rarely visit - maybe once a year. I was further up in town than I usually go because I needed to pick my up wedding rings that were being repaired at the jewelers. There is a Marshalls up that way that I rarely visit it because 1. there is a great Marshalls about a mile from our house and 2. this Homegoods side of this Marshalls is half the size of "my" store, plus everything usually seems pretty picked over. 

These crates only cost be about $26 for all four. Like I mentioned before, the website I found was charging almost $40 (+SH). To make up for what I saved (rather than just taking the $26 price tag and running, haha) I also purchased these two candle holders, 

bringing my total to $37.94. Still less than the crates were going for online! The candles were already in the house. Aren't these holders great? And just $12 for both. Undecided were they will reside.

I'm planning to put the crates along this piece of wall that sticks out in the living room where the two framed photos currently hang. This part of the living room opens up into our kitchen. Remember, the chair has since been moved to the master bedroom. (Speaking of, I am making some progress on my wall of frustration. I will share some pictures soon.)

The herb crates will hang vertical like they do in the TLC kitchen. Not sure yet what I will put inside them, but I have some time to play around. I still need to purchase some sturdy hooks to mount them on the wall so I anticipate that these won't be going up anytime soon as I still have a number of unfinished projects (like hanging the photos in the hallway, finishing master bedroom, painting nursery, etc etc etc..). Once we have the hardwood instead of carpet I think it will look even better.

I am still so excited that I found them. Sometimes patience truly pays off. :)

If you have a few minutes (or in my case a few hours!) stop by The Lettered Cottage and check out Layla and Kevin's beautiful home. 

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