12 March 2011

How to Spruce Up Your Decor for Next to Nothing

I've posted once before how I used old thrift store finds, a glue gun and twine rope to make some ordinary household items, not so ordinary. Well, I've done it once again!

When I first gave you a tour of our master bedroom, we had an IKEA Ribba shelf hung above our bed. Wanting to personalize our bedroom, I used the shelf to display our wedding invitation, my dress hanger, and a framed wedding portrait. Romantic, right?

The romance lasted about a week. While making the bed one day the large portrait fell off the shelf and onto the bed. Afraid that it would fall again while we were sleeping, I decided to relocate it and find something else to do on the shelf. 

I played around with some candles and the remaining wedding memorabilia on the shelf, but something was missing. With the black and white everything against the nude wall, the decor all seemed to blend in with itself. 

I decided them to implement my glue gun and twine technique on the candles that I had used before. 

What you need:
glue gun, twine, and whatever items you want to make pretty

This project cost me a whopping $0.00 simply because I already had all the supplies. The candles were a simple pack of 6 that I purchased a few years back from Marshalls. They have floated from room to room throughout our house since then. I also have owned the twine since moving in. I forget why we bought it, but my dad used it for something. However, you can find your own twine for under $10.00 (and usually under $5.00) at most craft or home improvement stores. Here are a few I found online:  

$4.06 Seagrass at AC Moore

$2.98 at Home Depot

$4.95 Jute Twine at Amazon

In order to do this project, I simply used a dab of glue near the bottom of the candle to hold the end of the twine. I proceeded to wrap the twine around the candle a few times, stopping every so often for another dab of glue in order the keep the rope from moving. Once you've wrapped enough a simple snip with some scissors and a final bit of glue and will finish it. WIthin just a few minutes, I had 6 brand new candles.

I chose to alternate them on the shelf with another set of candles from Marshalls. 
These ones are skinny and round instead of square.

And where did I put the picture I moved from the shelf?

That frame found  a new home above my chair by the door. I'm still toying with the idea of mounting the wedding dress hanger on the wall below the frame.

There you have it. A cheap, quick and easy way to spruce up your old decor. Less than $10 and less than 10 minutes. Can't beat that, can you?