13 March 2011

Nursery Update

Lots of work put into the nursery this weekend. I'm really excited with the progress we have made in the last two days. Although in my opinion there is still a ton to accomplish, it's finally starting to look like a functioning room. With the exception of the glider that is still at my in-laws' house, the main furniture components are in place. The room still needs bedding, wall art, a mirror and other decor accessories. Oh yea, and all the important things needed to take care of a baby (you know, the real necessities). But those are on my registry and will come when the baby shower comes. :) 

Yup! This weekend I took on the task of painting stripes along one of the walls in the nursery. I didn't mention that I had planned to do this just in case things didn't work out. I have never painted stripes before so I really wasn't sure what to expect. I made sure I had some leftover "Sharkey Gray" on hand just in case I needed to do an emergency fix. Surprisingly it wasn't as difficult as I had anticipated. It just takes time and patience along with attention to detail.

I plan to post a "how-to" last this week explaining the steps I took to paint the stripes.

The lamp on the dresser will eventually be replaced once I find a new one I like. I also want to hang a mirror on the wall above the dresser. I'm leaning towards a large, round one. Artwork will be added to the wall to the right as well as some sort of art above the crib. Nothing too heavy that can't be secured tightly to the wall since it is going to be hung above where our little girl will be sleeping every night.

Earlier today we took a quick trip to IKEA and purchased the Expedit bookcase I had told you about. Only $69.99 for the 8 compartment version. The baskets were taken from the living room bookshelf at no extra cost to us. 

We purchased this furry friend, too:
RENS sheepskin rug - $24.99

We replaced the boring plastic white blinds with these wooden beauties. The LINDMON blinds in natural for $24.99 (31"x61"). Although it's hard to tell because I took most of the pictures with the blinds open, they looks so great in the room

Now that we will be having a little one to watch out for, we were sure to install this safety feature:

When the blinds are pulled open and the the strings are long and hanging loosely, they can be wrapped around this small metal piece. This will keep them out of a toddler's reach and prevent a choking hazard. It's crazy to think that we need to take all of these warning signs about children safety into serious consideration now. Not that we lived in a dangerous house before, but I never had to worry about Jordan choking himself on a blind cord. :)

We slid the dresser/changing table over slightly to the left of the wall to leave room for the glider to fit in the corner. 

As you can see, the sun still peeks over quite a bit in the direction where the glider is going to be. Once I decide on curtains to hang with the blinds this issue should hopefully be alleviated. When we painted last weekend I was sure to leave the curtain rod in place that we had in the room when it was an office/junk room combo.

And one more peek towards the closet with the nifty new door pulls I purchased earlier this week.

This is where our painting and other construction supplies are currently being hid.

Along with a ton of diapers!

You may have noticed the paint and testers on the wall. I'm trying to decide what color to paint the inside of the closet. We took down the shelf and rod that were installed for the time being and spackled the holes. Once I decide on a color, that will be the next nursery project I am working on. The shelf and rod will be replaced, probably just a little lower so that when our girl is old enough she can reach her clothes. 

The colors I'm decided between both Martha Stewart: Enamelware (left) and Artesian Well (right).

Enamelware (top) - Artesian Well (bottom)

Which do you think I will pick? :)