06 March 2011

Nursery Repainted

Friday night was spent touching up the trim in the nursery and by Saturday morning the paint was complete. Although the difference may not look as drastic in pictures as it does in person, I couldn't be happier with the change. 

The paint color we used was Martha Stewart's Sharkey Gray - the same color used in both the dining room and in the upstairs hallway. Funny enough, it's also the color that I used to create my header for this blog. Can you tell that I love this neutral shade?

Just to remind you how the paint was before, here are two before pictures of the original beige color. 

Bear with me, I know I'm changing from a neutral wall, to a neutral wall. But, here is the room Saturday morning after two fresh coats of Sharkey Gray:

Can you tell the difference? I looks so much better and more finished with the new shade. I honestly couldn't be more satisfied. I love how it looks against the white trim and doors.

I have made a few definite decisions with regards to the rest of the room. I don't want to tell too much until after some of the projects are completed (especially since I'm a rookie and I accept that things may not turn out as good as I plan). But as a teaser, here are some of the paint swatches I grabbed this weekend to try out:

If you pay close enough attention you may be able to figure it out. 
Until then, stay tuned!

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