26 April 2011

New Floor: Part II

Finally! After 3 years putting up with stained, frayed, uncomfortable berber carpet, we've ripped it out and replaced it with gorgeous hardwood.

Here is what our living room looked like Friday night after we cleared the room. We were instructed to move all "small" items as well as electronics. The men installing the floor would shuffle the large furniture around the room as they worked.

Here are a few up close and personal shots of the awful berber:

6 hours of installation, and almost 2 hours of cleaning and putting the room back together, we now have this. 

 We still have more work to do on the room itself, but the flooring alone is a huge improvement. 

A few close ups of the floor and trim work.

We chose a more rustic, rougher wood. We have glossy cherry pergo flooring in the dining room and between the old owners and us, it shows scuffs and knicks galore. Since we have two animals and a little one on the way, we wanted something more durable and live-able. 

Here is our gorgeous new area rug from Anthropologie.
Coqo Floral Rug in Tomato

This rug was my compromise for getting rid of Jordan's beloved red wall. :)

Our entire first floor looks like a different house. Jordan and I comment to each other every day how much we love the improvement. The room not only looks different but feels ten times better. Our timing was great too as we've been having 70+ degree weather and the cool wood floor is much more pleasant to walk on. 

More work on the living room includes:
 - replacing the curtains with something lighter (maybe white)
- getting rid of the now empty book case (we have plans for that nook of the room)
 - possibly swapping out the accent pillows, although I'm sort of digging the red carpet with the chartreuse pillow

But for the time being, we are enjoying our new living room. :)