29 April 2011

Throwing in the Towel

Well, I finally sucked it up and went to the mall and bought a few new items of clothing. My plan was to last as long as I could with the clothes in my closet and resort to leggings once my belly band no longer allowed me to squeeze into my jeans. Ideally, once that happened the warm spring weather would kick in and I could just wear all my dresses. What I did not think through is that most of the dresses I own are seamed at the waist and not flowy or empire waisted like I now need.

While I did "throw in the towel" and buy some new clothes, I still have refused to purchase anything from a maternity store. This is for two reasons. First, they are pretty expensive! I have no idea what size I'll be next week, much less for the remaining 11 so I hesitate to spend the money on something I may only wear once or twice. Secondly, I honestly haven't found any maternity clothes I like. I'm pretty picky about my clothes, especially because I have such a small frame to begin with that I despise most of the maternity clothes available and how they look on me. 

The weather has been gorgeous lately and so I pulled out an old favorite maxi dress I purchased from Urban Outfitters about three years ago and wore it to work with a white crochet vest.

photo courtesy of urbanupdater

I was so comfortable all day and the flowy high waisted material perfectly suited my every-growing belly. 

THank goodness maxi dresses are back for 2011!! Lots of stores are carrying them now and they have quickly become my maternity saviour. 

Hubby gave me one for Valentine's Day that it was finally warm enough to wear on Easter.
(Sidenote: My belly is much bigger in person than it look in this pic!)

After work that day I hit up H&M at my mall and scored three more great maxis for a total of $60. 
- a racerback black and white striped maxi
- a turquoise maxi with a black lace cutup on the upper back
- a strapless floral maxi

I was looking on their website to snag a few pictures of the dresses I bought so I could share, however none of them are there. I haven't decided if I'm comfortable enough yet to take pictures of myself in them to post like many of the fashion blogs I follow, but maybe I'll muster the courage and just do it.

What I did find on their website was that H&M has a Mama maternity line!
The selection looks pretty limited so far, but I see potential for some good basic tanks as well as shorts (which I've been hoping to be able to wear).

Tank - $7.95

Dress - $34.95

Dress - $24.95

Shorts - $24.95

Pants - $24.95

Top - $19.95

The best part is that the prices are normal! I'm not sure yet if any of these are available in any of the stores since I wasn't really looking for maternity clothes when I was there. I will say that I have been able to score a few non-maternity items at H&M over the past few months that have worked so far.

Well, we are off to NY for the night for a wedding in Staten Island. I'll be back to fill you in on our next project in the living room that involves removing the bookcase. And maybe snap a few pictures of my new maxi finds for any mommy-to-be's out there looking for some fresh spring clothes.

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