23 May 2011

Design Your Own Fabric

Check out this great post over on BabyCenter where John and Sherry from Young House Love talk about the custom fabric they designed for their daughter Clara's first birthday party. Using her own handwriting, Sherry created this print of her daughter's name which she customized with colors, duplicated for the layout, and sent over to Spoonflower to have created. 

photo courtesy of Young House Love

Isn't that the coolest idea? John and Sherry used the fabric as a backdrop for pictures during the birthday party. But it would be just as great to create your own throw pillows or curtains (or anything really) with this fabric. 

Some of the details Spoonflower lists on their website for creating your own fabric:

  • no minimum order
  • $18-$32 per yard (or a swatch for $5)
  • made of premium natural fabrics
  • uses eco-friendly textile printing
  • weekly fabric design contests
I'm itching to create a fabric of my own although I haven't decided what design I want. I may go the same route at YHL and design a print using our little one's name. I will definitely be relying on a carefully selected font as I hate my own handwriting and can't write in cursive to save my life. I also like the idea of creating some sort of abstract floral design using the same colors I used for the pom-pom project: pinks with gold and splash of teal. Maybe I could even incorporate both ideas into the design. Some abstract design with her name laced into it. 

Check out Spoonflower and take a peek at some of the fabrics that have been made. You can even order someone else's designed fabrics.

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