18 May 2011

Things I'm Digging: Fishtail Braids

Pregnancy hormones and prenatal vitamins have kindly graced me with ever-growing locks. My hair is probably the longest it has been in some time. I officially have mermaid hair! (That's what I call the length when your hair is long enough to cover your boobs.) While I don't want to cut it, summer is coming quickly and I need to find an easy solution to the heat. 

Enter the fishtail braid.

source unknown

Having been born with stringy, stick straight hair, I have always relied on braids to add the thickness and texture I've craved to my locks. When I was in grade school I was the girl who always french braided every one's hair for them. I've worn some form of braids in my hair for years now. Whether is be a low braided pony tail, a thick braid of my bangs, or a few simple tiny braids in the side of my head. Fishtail braids have always caught my eye as being one of the prettiest, simplest looking hairstyles, and it wasn't until last summer that I finally taught myself how to do them.

I prefer a messy tousled braid over the perfect, tightly braided version.

Melissa McKenzie

Even many celebs are sporting these trendy tresses.

Angela Simmons via The Weave Bar

Here are some other great, bold braids that are hot this season if the side-pony fishtail doesn't work for you:

I see myself sporting lots of braids this summer.

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