17 May 2011

The "Baby Countdown is On" To-do List

This past Saturday marked 8 weeks until our little girl is due. At our last ultrasound our due date moved from July 13th to July 9th. Time is flying and there is still a good amount that I was hoping to get done before she came. I figure I'm due for a good old to-do list. 

Realistically I know that not everything on the list will get done in the next two months. But being able to knock a few things off the list will make me feel accomplished and a little more prepared.
  • Work on guest room for potential post-baby overnight guests
  • Organize decor on new living room shelves
  • Bonus points if I can do the above without purchasing anything new
  • Finishing touches in nursery (paint touch-up, fix window treatments, etc)
  • Ceiling fan for nursery
  • Blinds for skylight in nursery
  • Find a mirror for nursery (currently liking this one from IKEA
  • Clean and spruce up outside (front and back upstairs and down)
  • Hang family wedding photos in upstairs hallway
  • Decide on a spot and hang Jordan's anniversary gift
  • Reupholster dining room chairs
  • FInd pillows for dining room bench
  • De-clutter dining room (which has become the new junk room for things we have yet to find a home for or have yet to donate)
  • Purchase final frame for wedding wall collage in living room (still have a picture of my family that needs to be framed and added to the wall)
  • Re-organize linen closet
Now these are all just home-renovation-type projects. There's a whole separate 'preparing for baby' list that we also have.

I am thinking about tackling a few more nursery projects - if time allows of course. I don't plan to reveal any more nursery pictures until the room is completely done, but I can let you in on a few mini projects I have in the works. More about those in another post.  

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